Old News/Updates

2nd-14th October 2008 - Update including Video Review of Original TIE Pilot helmet. See NEW TIE Video Review Here and the old TIE Photo review here. Plus the "World Premiere" of e-fx's new Attack of the Clones, Clonetrooper Helmet. See here for photo's along with New Video Review Here. Also some pics of my great new TE2 helmet, with more shots later.

28th Sept.- We've added a short 3min video review of an original ESB Stormtrooper helmet sold a few years back. Its saved in two quality setting so please check it out here on youtube.com and let us know what you think. We've another couple planned over the coming months.

21st Aug - 3rd Sept. 08 - WOW - SUPER SCOOP! We've managed to get our hands on one of the Original AT-AT Helmets used in The Empire Strikes Back and have added a full review here. What are you waiting for! In addition I've added a 3D Rotating set here. Also added some photos of TrooperMaster's Hero helmet and armour (check out the TrooperMaster section in the HUGE Fan Made / Stormtrooper section. Also some photos of my own work-in-progress Replica AT-AT helmet - I think we're going to see a lot more of these as fans start the process of re-painting their white AT-AT lids grey! In addition a WIP C-3PO torso (see Fans/Droids section). And from the sublime to the ridiculous we have some photos of the New Rubies Stormtrooper armor from a recent trade show.

27th July - Exciting update with some cool news and updates from San Diego's Comic Convention including photo's of prototypes from e-FX of their Episode II/AotC Clone Helmet, Ralph McQuarrie Concept Darth Vader and Sideshow Collectible's General Grievous bust. Also an update from Redfox showing some of the other Armor makers including some old fan-made armour from 80's (Marco Entertainment) which is really where the "fan-made" business started. Also SpaceBob sent us some shots of his fan-made Ep 2 Clone helmet and something for the Room of Doom too! Finally some very exciting news concerning the emergence of what appears to be one of the Original Vader ANH Tour suits - with quite possibly some original Vader parts! This is on a new Real/Vader Tour page for more along with some new unseen photos from Graham S taken in 1980 of a UK ESB Tour Vader (updated 30th July).

6th July 2008 - EFX section coming soon but in the meantime some photos of  the New eFX ANH Stormtrooper Helmet and a quick comparison against the same Master Replicas helmet - updated 29/6 with full review. Also update to TE2 Stormtrooper page following Rolf's new armour arriving. Plus SkyGunBro's new self-made AT-TE helmet in the Fans/RotS Clone section

5th April - Some superb updated photos of Rolf's complete AP Sandtrooper Armour, as well as his great set of TM Sandtrooper Armour, Plus four great new unseen shots of an original AtAt helmet (see Real/Imperial Section), also some Comparison shots of the MR Stormtrooper against the well-loved GF, courtesy of Andy R. Also an update to the Concept Vader page - you should really check this out if you've not already done so. Also more really great info from Star Wars sculptor Brian Muir on his work on Darth Vader and C-3PO. By the way - for any newby's to this site have you seen our 3D Pics page......

28th March 2008 - Some great new photos of Sideshow Collectibles life size C-3PO and R2-D2 Statues. In addition some shots from Juan of his Illusive Vader helmet (see the Illusive/Don Post Life-Size page here), and also of Marcus' life-size DP Stormtrooper, all on the same page.

21st February 2008 - Interesting interview with Fred Barton on the new life-size C-3PO and R2-D2 he's producing for Sideshow Collectibles. Check out the new Fred Barton/Sideshow R2 and 3PO page here. Plus added pics of the new MR 501st Clone Helmet and Sideshow's Emperor 1:1 Bust. Plus some great Biker Scout Comparisons from Andrea T in Italy. We're expecting an update from e-fx soon so will post any information on their new range of licensed helmets as soon as we can. Also after YEARS of speculation it looks like there will finally be TWO licensed providers of Stormtrooper armour, with the  Rubies "Supreme Stormtrooper" armour. Also news that Museum Replicas and Windlass Studio's have acquired a LFL license to produce costumes, including Stormtrooper Armour. Isn't that just typical, you wait years for licensed armour then two come along at the same time! More info as I have it but in the meantime here's the press release. Plus pics of both Rich B's and Frank R's superb painted and weathered SDS X-Wing Helmets.

January 2008 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Big Stormtrooper update including Fan made/Stormtrooper section, a work in progress as some new or missing helmets/amour will added. Also updated the fan/Stormtrooper section to include a section on the AP Helmets, as well as the HDPE TE helmet. Next up the TE2 Helmets and Armor and an update on the Gino's Helmets. Also new Master Replicas helmets with the first shots of MR's Shadowtrooper helmet, as well as MR's CE (budget) Stunt Stormtrooper helmet. Also some other miscellaneous changes including a brief update on the Sideshow page - more soon as its a Work In Progress......and wow - we've had over 800,000 visitors!. The Hot News is that e-fx collectibles are soon to announce entrance into SW collectibles market following MR's exit from the license. Looks like I'm going to add a new Icon!. Also added Trooper Master's Stormtrooper armor as well as some updated shots from Goldenarmor of his Death Star droid and C-3PO. Also added MR's scaled helmets to the Riddell page so now we have a combined Riddell/Master Replicas Scaled/Mini Helmet Page. Finally the MR Boba Fett helmet has started to ship, also updated pics of my Richies Luke X-Wing (see Fan made/Rebels) Altmann's Biker Scout and a few other minor updates.

Dec 23rd 2007  - MERRY CHRISTMAS! Update including Sideshow Collectibles' new Bossk bust. Also added some more helmets clone from regular contributor Sky Gun Bro including a great Commander Neyo, plus PGH Fett's Barc Trooper. Check out both the AotC/Expanded Universe Clones page and RotS Clone page. In addition I've added photo's of Koo Koo's wonderful Concept C-3PO helmet (see the Fans/Droids page). Rare Don Post Pod Racer helmet from TPM (see Don Post section). Ive also updated the Stormtrooper Comparison page which details the differences between the ANH (Stunt and Hero), ESB and RotJ helmets. Also News item - MR's Stormtrooper and ShadowTrooper helmets have started shipping this week.

Previous Updates: Dec 1st 2007 - Adding some more concept work with some superb fan-made Darth Vader helmets based on the Ralph McQuarrie concept artwork from 1975/76, see Fan-made/Vader/Concept. Some extra stuff too including another fascinating Interview with Brian Muir (who among other things sculpted the original Vader helmet), this time from Sithlord. My original Interview with Brian is also there along with one from 2005 with John Mollo, the Oscar winning costume designer.

September 23rd - A couple of original Stormtrooper helmets, a renovated ANH/ESB Helmet and a RotJ Stormtrooper Helmet. Check out the "Real Props" sections for pics of a number of original helmets.....Also added a couple of superb fan-made Stormtrooper helmets from Sky Gun Bro and Koo Koo based on Ralph McQuarrie's original Stormtrooper concept drawings. Also added pics of new MR Commander Gree helmet

September 1st 2007 (updated) - Well Summer's almost over but the good news is Master Replicas ESB Boba Fett Helmet is up for pre-order and on its way. See my preview of this with an in-depth review of the Engineering Prototype which MR sent to me this week. Apologies for lack of updates. If you've sent me pics and I've not loaded I'll try and get them up soon.

July 8th 2007 - I'm really behind on my updates so have added quite a bit since last time including latest shots of the upcoming MR Stormtrooper helmet and in comparison some shots of the original hero helmet this was based up shown off at Celebration 4 (see Real/Stormtrooper section). Also BenKenove's review of Sideshow Collectibles ESB Yoda Bust, and also a look at their ANH Greedo Bust. The Fan-made Clone section has now been split into separate Ep2 Clone and Ep3 Clone areas, and in the latter some new shots of the OSCS Clone.  We've added some photos of recent helmet additions from SDS including the Rebel Fleet, TIE armour and DS Gunner (SDS Section). While on the subject there are new photos of the fan-made "CA" Rebel Fleet Trooper (Fans/Rebel section) and DS Gunner (Fans/Imperial Section) helmets, and another fan-made Tusken (Fans/ScumOfTheUniverse)

Spring 07. Big news was the pre-order of the new Master Replicas ANH Hero Stormtrooper Helmet (which sold 500 units in the first 3 days) so you should definitely check out the a sneak peek at the pics of their prototype they sent us last week. Following some great help from RoCKo we've also added a H.U.G.E. number of High Definition screen grabs of various helmets from ANH, including Vader, Stormtroopers, Rebels, TIE's, C-3PO etc. etc. so make sure you check out the REAL section. Hopefully adding ESB and RotJ fairly soon. Hi Definition imagery is really helping answer some of the unknowns we had due to its resolution so's becoming an invaluable tool. I'm looking for reviews on other armour makers such as AP, TM, etc. etc. so drop us a line if you'd like to help..

17th February 2007 - New comparison here section showing Vader's evolution from Revenge of the Sith to A New Hope -  care of one of the new MR RotS Vader's and an Ghost Host ANH. Also accessed from the "Compare" Icon.  Also another update to the MR section showing latest pics of the MR Stormtrooper, Boba Fett and Commander Gree helmets.

9th December 2006 -Pics of VashDstampede's excellent Yoda sculpt (Fan made/Yoda & good guys), SithLords excellent Life-size Vader (Fans/Vader/ANH). Also some cool new Hi Def pics loaded in the REAL section of this site. Vader, Stormtroopers, etc. etc. too numerous to mention. So go here and check the sub sections below it. More to come!. Plus minor update to MR Stormtrooper specs 30/12/06

16th November 2006 -New Site!!! - We've added a "sister" site which WILL be called www.MovieHelmets.com, it contains helmets and costumes from a number of Movies including Aliens, Dr Who, Terminator and Predator. Click on the banner below and check it out!

24th September. Update including shots of a (new?) Darth Vader helmet from Altmann's, more shots of a Ghost Host ANH Vader Helmet (Fans/Vader/ANH), and Dan's modded Rubies Supreme suit.  Also more updates to the Rubies section on bespoke work done on their Supreme and Deluxe Vader helmets. Also Alan E's fantastic Chewy15 Yoda (See Fans/Other GoodGuys). Brent's impressive life-sizes including the Rubies Darth Maul and Pepsi Darth Maul, and the Don Post Boba Fett statue plus John C's awesome bespoke C-3PO see (Fans/Droids section) and Darth Vader (Fans/Vader/RotJ). Also a couple of shots of the REAL Hero Stormtrooper helmet in the Lucasfilm Archives (see Real/ANH Trooper), as well as Ian Evans' FX/GF hybrid Sandtrooper, plus Javamonkey's Ep2 and Ep3 Clone helmets on armour (see Fans/Clone). Finally Brandon L's reworked Don Post Classic Action Vader and some awesome shots of the Original Boussh helmet from Trooperprop (see Real/Misc).

16th August '06 - We've added a huge new section on Sideshow Collectibles. Although Sideshow don't actually make "helmets" as such they do have excellent lines in 1:1 busts (including Darth Maul and Yoda from Star Wars, Terminator 2, Aliens, Predator, Hell Boy etc.) as well as jaw-dropping life sizes such as the Terminator 2 and the recently-announced C-3PO and R2-D2 which I was able to check out at the San Diego Comic Con a couple of weeks back. Also update following the superb Alien Encounter Weekend at the UK National Space Centre. Also News update on MR Helmets.

25th May 2006 - Sorry not much to update, however I've produced a spiffing new video promo for the forthcoming Aliens/Sci-Fi Weekend at the UK National Space Centre  (June 17-18th). Check out the Alien Encounter Section in the  Other Movies Section. Be afraid!.

Oh and StarWarsHelmets.com  has now had more than half a million visitors! Thanks for your support.

31st March - NEW Sci-Fi Movies Section Starting with the Alien and Terminator movies - check out the new Icon on the left hand side (scroll down) or just Click Here. Back onto Star Wars there's a number of great Cantina masks including Walrusman, Dr Evazann, Djas Phur and Snaggletooth all bespoke work from Wampa - all in the Fans/Scum of the Universe section! Also added new pics of the Laws Archive AT-AT Driver and TIE Helmets/Armor.

11th March 2006 -  Firstly, some wonderful new pics of the "RPF" ANH Vader helmet, which is probably the best replica ANH Vader out there (see Fans/Vader/ANH/One-Off). Also updates to the Real sections including some great pics of real helmets seen at a recent exhibition from Scott TK7602 including Stormtroopers (Real/Stormtrooper/Rotj&Tour ), Tusken's and a Wampa (Real/Tusken and Miscl), Snowtrooper (Real/Other Imperials), RotJ and RotS Vader (Real/Vader) , Medic Droid from ESB (Real/ C-3PO and other Droids). Plus more "Real" Clones. Also corrected a link pointing to a Wonderful fan-made Revenge of the Sith Vader Helmet. Also Rigormortis's RA AT-AT Pilot helmet (Fans/AT-AT), "prototype" Altmanns Sandtrooper  and full-size R2-D2.(Altmanns section) and Scratch's VM2 VaderMaker Helmet (Fans/Vader/ANH) plus Darren's Java Monkey Clone helmet (Fans/Clones), More of Chads Republic Commando Helmets (Fans/Clones), plus a cool reworked Don Post Stormtrooper Classic Action Helmet from David and also a great new ANH Vader from SS Props in Italy (Fans/Vader/ANH)

25th February - Big update covering several different areas. I've added new Rotating 3D pics of the original "Stop that Ship" Stormtrooper" "Move Along" Stormtrooper, X-Wing Rebel Pilot, Y-Wing Rebel Pilot which were all sold at Christies last December. In fact I've added a 3D Page so you can easily find all the 3D Rotating pics There's also pics of new fan-made Duros and Hammerhead masks/lifesizes (see Fans/Scum of Universe section). MR's prototype Boba Fett helmet, and a couple more Vader pics (MR Section). Also a nice example of how talent can still out on a low budget with a reworked cheap DP helmet (Don Post section). Also Rubies Deluxe Vader, Don Post and Illusive Life SIze Page, A New Hoth SnowTrooper (Fans/Other Imperial),  Plus more Dooom!

12th February 2005 - Further MR update and review of all three of the LE Clone Helmets, following on from 4th Feb disappointing news concerning the Master Replicas Special Ops Helmet and a quick review of the Master Replicas RotS Vader Helmet by Brian, John and Vader Darth.

31st Jan 2006 - Full review of the Master Replicas Clone Trooper helmet (327th Star Corps) which has just started to ship. In addition an update to the non Star Wars Alien section

December '05 - It was the Christies Auction today of the Original screen-used Stormtrooper helmets so check out their respective sections for pricing and a few new pics. Congratulations to whoever was lucky enough to get them.  The rest of us can check out "Move along" , "Stop that Ship" , and "Y Wing Pilot" sections to see what £20,000 (US$35k) buys you these days!. Also update to the Real/Vader section with some more pics of the real Vader Fencing Helmet (Real/Vader) from ESB along with Mike's recreation of this helmet (Fans/Vader/ESB). Also start work on new Aliens Section starting with "Building an Alien".

27th December 2005 - Hope everyone had a great Christmas! By the looks of it Steve did as he was one of the first to receive his Master Replicas Star Corps Helmet (see MR Section). Still on the "Clone" SUBJECT Chad and Harley have sent me some shots of their superb fan-made Republic Commando helmets (based on the comics and computer game characters), they're in the Fans/Clone section. In addition I've added some more shots of the original Clone Troopers from RotS with many thanks to Jediwannabe and Michael too - see the Real/Clone section with JediWannabe also sending some pics of Grievous/Magna Guard (Real/Other) - more as well soon. Moving onto Vader, Jörg, Dirk and Michael in Germany have sent me updated pics of their Reveal Vader from Return of the Jedi (see the Fans/Vader/RotJ section). Also see Juan from Puerto Rico's reworked Don Post Vader CA (DP Section).

23rd November update including some new Replica 3po helmet shots (see Fans/3po), plus a few more Christies shots from the auction due on December 14th (Move Along, Stop/Ship, X/Y-Wings).

Tuesday 11th October AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME UPDATE I was invited down to Christies in South Kensington to have a look at some of the items due to go under the hammer in their December Auction. Included are FOUR original helmets including two very recognisable Stormtroopers and 2 X/Y Wing's. See the special new sections set up in the real section for.....
Sandtrooper 1 - "Move along" - probably the most famous Stormtrooper EVER

Sandtrooper 2 - "Stop that Ship - Blast Him"

Screen Used Rebel X- Wing and Y Wing Pilots

23rd September - Minor update but worth mentioning JimboBond's Stunning Vader Reveal made by Natty you can find these on the Fans/Vader/RotJ page along with the JB RotJ Helmet. Also my Gamorrean guard mask added to Fans/Scum of the Universe. A couple of new pics of an original RotJ Stormtrooper and Biker Scout too. Also added Ob1Al's great Work in Progress Vader (Fans/Vader/ESB)

18th September 2005 Updates including Jason's new Boba Fett Helmet (Fans/Boba), update to the Master Replicas page, another photo of the early "prototype" Vader (Real/Vader) and Dan's great Commander Neyo (Fans/Clones). I've also updated a couple of shots in the Real Vader, and  Trooper Sections as well as adding some superb photos to the real C-3PO section including some information on the history and prototyping process.

2nd Sept - Summers over so back to props!. The VTwins have put together a superb Boba Fett costume (see Fans/Boba). Chris C has sent me shots of his great his Baccara Costume (Fans/Clone) and in the same section there's Scott's superb RotS Clone helmets and Obi1Al's X-Wing Pilot (Fans/Rebels). I've also added a couple of updates to the Altmann's page including some really nice Vader's and a new (?) TIE. Plus an update to the Room of Doom (do you really have to look).

6th July - Update with some GREAT photo of the real helmets and costumes from the LFL Archives taken at the Houston MOM Exhibition (see Boba, 3PO, Misc and Vader sections in the "Real" section). Also check out the showing some great fan-made Clonetrooper helmets - see Fans/Clone section, and then the flipside of this with some shocking abominations in The Room of Doom.

12th June '05 - Interesting Vader update with a very believable theory from Hal 9000 which suggests the early prototype Vader actually made it into ANH Click Here for the Brian Muir Interview. Also a superb shot of Vader from 1977 added to the Real/Vader section. Plus a couple of new additions to the Room of Doom!.

4th June 2005 - Some absolutely awesome shots of FettPride and Well Paid Killers STUNNING RotS Darth Vader lifesize. I've added a new section in Fans/Vader/Rots. Also, Kevins sent me a couple of photos of the new Chewbacca and Vader costumes from Rubies (see the Rubies page).

26th May 2005 - For those of you interested in the history of some of the original designs check out a couple of new Interviews I've just added. Firstly there's one with double Oscar winning Costume Designer John Mollo, responsible for costume design on both ANH and ESB, s Click Here for the John Mollo Interview and secondly one with Brian Muir who actually sculpted the Darth Vader Helmet Click Here for the Brian Muir Interview.

Saturday 21st May. The UK Celebration Day on Monday was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.  George was there, Hayden, Ewan, Christopher Lee etc etc. and about 80 of us from the UK Garrison. Guess who wound up on the front page of the UK Press! - yours truly! Lots of Photos on a new page-Star Wars Celebration Day 16th May 2005, updated from Weds 18th May.

Sunday 15th May. RotS Premiere in London tomorrow. The London Symphony Orchestra will be in Leicester Square as the Centre of London is turned into a Star Wars zone. I'll be there with George (hope he's saved me a seat!). Update including shots of Joe S's Rubies Supreme Vader helmet. He's done a great job with a custom paint job and turned a $100 helmet into something quite special. Also pics of Mr Fett's Seatrooper (yeah Seatrooper!- see Fans/Other Imperial).

7th May 2005. Update following Celebration-3 in Indiana, including some great shots of the new helmets from Master Replicas. In addition there are some photos of the new Shepperton Design Studios Hero Stormtrooper helmet (see AA/SDS Section). There's also some shots of the BKBT Jango Fett (see Fans/Jango page) and an update to the Rubies page with the Supreme Edition Helmet on a life-size Vader figure(mine!)

Thursday 21st April 2005, RotS less than a month away! Added pics of Paul W's life-size ESB Vader (Fans/Vader/ESB). Also while on the Vader theme there are a couple of pics of the Joe Johnson Prototype/R.McQuarrie Vader which have been kicking around for some time (see Real/Vader).

Wednesday 13th April @ 22:30 - Update problems resolved - thanks for the heads up guys. Had a system crash recently and lots a load of emails so apologies if I've not got back to you. There's a new "Stormtrooper" family tree which explains the relationship between the various helmets, both originals and replicas check out this new page here. Theres also been some more images added of the new RotS Clone/Special ops Troopers (see Real/Clones section) and the new RotS Vader too (Real/Vader). There are some photo's of one of the new MR Clone Helmets (see Master Replicas section) as well as more photos of the new Rubies $100 Supreme Vader Helmet. Back to the Original Trilogy - Kraig's sent me some superb shots of his Vader and Trooper lifesizes - Which are just so incredibly impressive you need to see them (Fans/Vader/ANH section). There's also them plus a couple of pics of Seans Wookiee! (see Fans/Wookiee). Oh and I updated my banner too!

Sunday 20th March - WOW 2 updates in one week-end! Well the new Movie is just eight weeks away and in advance of that I've added some shots of some of the new costumes from the forthcoming DK Book (see Real section both Clones and Vader). In addition I've added a few scary shots to the "The Room of Doom" (shudder) as well as some great photos I've just received from Raider at the Polish 501st Outpost of his SDS Helmet with FX Armor (see AA/SDS Section). I've also added Photos from the new Rubies 2005 range which vary from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Saturday 26th February - Revenge of the Sith is not too far way now! See pics of some of the new characters in the Real section (e.g. Vader, CloneTrooper) and some of the new range from Master Replicas shown at the New York toy fair (many thanks to Rebelscum for the use of the photos).

Saturday 15th January 2005- A belated Happy New year! Update including a photo of the new Rubies Return of the Sith Darth Vader Helmet, along with some pics from Vader 71 of the new REAL RotS Vader helmet and costume (see Real/Vader) and also some shots of the new RotS Clone Troopers (Real/Clones). I've also updated the Shepperton Design Studios TIE Helmet photos with those from Production helmets, as they're now shipping.

Friday 17th December 2004- Christmas is about a time of laughter and goodwill. Well I don't know about the latter but there's certainly been a bit of  giggle at some of the nightmares added to the Room of Doom!. On a more serious note there's an update to Adidino's excellent ESB Lifesize Vader (Fans/Vader/ESB).  

Saturday 11th December - Bit late but there's an excellent article on the History of the Stormtrooper Helmets written by Jeremy at Rebelscum. In addition Rebelscum has also done a review of the excellent SDS Stormtrooper Collectable Helmet. Also the BIG NEWS and photos of the eagerly awaited AA/SDS Imperial Pilot Helmet. See pics here on the AA/SDS Page.

In addition here's a link to the original ESB Stormtrooper helmet recently sold at Christies. http://www.christies.com/LotFinder/search/LotDetail.asp?intObjectID=4413695&SN=5515&LN=0227. If you look thru you'll see that this site gets a mention! In addition, here's the review of that helmet on this site (Real/ESB Feature).

Friday 19th November - I've added a new page devoted to a great new find - Johns fantastic and ORIGINAL RotJ Helmet and armor. This really is special!

Thursday 10th November - On December 14th, Christies in London (South Kensington) will be auctioning another ESB Stormtrooper Helmet and this one seem to be in WONDERFUL condition. I've now added a new page with lots of new pics and the original ones are here too in Real/ESB Stormtrooper.The Auctions due to go ahead on December 14th 2004 at their South Kensington London Offices. Go here for Christies 

Thursday 4th November - Updated from TrueFan showing his great Don Post and Illusive Life-sizes. Also Jonathan H's completed Jango costume (see Fans/Jango) and also his new fan-made Biker Helmet (Fans/Other Imperial).

23rd September 2004 - Some very good news that the Charity Auction of the AA/SDS Stormtrooper Helmet ended recently (see link below) with the helmet finally went for £640 (around $1,150) , with the funds going to a very worthy cause. Added pics of the Excellent and completed Ep 2 Clone Pilot Helmet and armor from SkyGunBros/Carlos (see Fans/Clone). SGB's also sent me shots of his Altmann's Boussh Helmet (see Altmann's section). Also added Jodo Kast's completed Boba Fett (MLC2) Helmet (Fans/Boba). I've also added a couple of shots of JF Langlois's excellent Celtic (20th Century Recast) Vader helmet (see Fans/Vader/ESB). I've also added some shots of the Don Post Deluxe X-Wing Pilot Helmet and the prototype Battle Droid from TPM - check out the Don Post Section.

8th September - Brief update on the now finished charity auction for an SDS/AA Stormtrooper helmet on ebay. Its a special helmet made and donated by Andrew Ainsworth for Graham Campbell, Commanding Office of the UK Garrison who died tragically earlier this year. Its being auctioned by the UKG CO, John May - more info here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7920869622  

28th August '04. Just a small update but I've added some more comparison shots from SithLord of the New AA/SDS Stormtrooper Helmet now these these great helmets have become more widely available. In addition I've added shots of the hard to find Don Post Deluxe Stormtrooper from 1998 thanks to Tommi. Its in the Don Post section.

1st Aug 04 - Some bittersweet news as the original TIE helmet advertised on this site for the past 9 months has now been sold. Its pleasing that we were able to sell it in line with the owners wishes although are equally sad to see it go. If you never saw the great photo's of this wonderful helmet then have a look here. In addition I've added some shots of the new "Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" Trooper (thanks for Philip at RebelScum for those)

20th July - It looks like the new AA/SDS Stormtrooper helmet has started to ship I've added some of pics taken by CKing, Steve the Swede and Blastermaniac of their new acquisitions on the SDS Armor Page

Thurs 1st July: Major News! I've been able to add some photos of the new Stormtrooper Helmet from Shepperton Design Studios.  Check out the Armor/SDS page and be prepared to be absolutely amazed! In addition I've updated the Riddell section with a couple of pics of their Prototype TIE Pilot mini helmet and also some great shots of Arthur Hall's ANH Vader Helmet (see Fans/Vader/ANH).

Wednesday 12th May - Just a small update to relay the sad news concerning the tragic death of Graham Campbell recently. Graham was one of the UK's leading Star Wars enthusiasts, he established and ran the UK Garrison and was a major influence in the props world with his involvement with The Replica Prop Board and Forum. A man who always showed 100% commitment to everything he did, he will be greatly missed. Our condolences to his family. 

Weds 5th May - Big update - some new pics of my excellent JB ANH Vader (see Fans/Vader/ANH) and also a couple of shots of CKings awesome ANH Vader on the same page. There are some great new images from Michel and Joerg in Germany of their excellent scratch-built Snowtrooper costumes (Fans/Other Imperial). Also updated the Room of Doom with some more shocking photos from Aiwei. There's also been an update to both the Rubies with the new Deluxe Helmets and also an overall of the Altmann's section. Also added the "South American" ESB Vader (Fans/Vader/ESB) and added some work by Jörg Steegmüller to the RotJ section (Fans/Vader/RotJ). Finally I've added some pics of my ANH Weathered C-3PO (Fans/Droids)

20th April '04 - my stunning ESB Boba Fett arrived yesterday so I've added a couple of more new images  Fans/Boba Fett, as well as an awesome 3D Pic of it.

Wed. 7th April. Added pics of my WONDERFUL new Boba Fett which was done by Prop-making Genius Steve the Swede, see it in Fans/Boba Fett. I've also added Steve's Tutorial to the relevant section of the site and is well worth spending some time with if you're mad enough to attempt this helmet. There's also photos of Clonesix's excellent new Clone Trooper helmet (Fans/Clone) as well as an update to the Trooper Comparison Page which compares the ANH-ESB-RotJ Stormtrooper helmets. There's also pics of Darth Infamous' superb new Vader helmet (see Fans/Vader/RotJ)

Wednesday 31st March - Added lots of new shots of the "Real" helmets including RotJ and SE Troopers, and a number of shots from the LFL Archives (see sub pages in the "Real" section). Added shots of SkyGunBros's completed Clone Pilot (Fans/Clone), Updated the Room of Doom with some new shockers, also FishGlen's modified RT-Mod Stormtrooper "Hero" helmet. Also added pics of Bill's excellent completed C-3PO helmet

Wednesday 17th March - Updated my Chroming C-3PO page following some degree of success. I've also added some GREAT new shots from Brinn '71 of an original RotJ trooper suit he wore when working for Lucasfilm (see Real/Trooper RotJ). Also some changes to the new Trooper Movie Comparisons page reflecting new input and also added pics of Jay's Gonk Droid (Fans/Droids).

Saturday 13th March - I've added another Stormtrooper comparisons page, this one showing the helmet differences between movies (ANH-ESB-RotJ), access it via the "Comparisons" Icon or directly here. Also added a few new pics of Drewski's Sandtrooper Work in Progress. Interesting that he's used a GF as his base. Great results can be seen in Fans/GF.

Wednesday 25th February - Some SUPERB shots from Brian R. of his original Stormtrooper helmet, the prize of his collection (see Real/Stormtrooper). Andrea from Italy has sent me some shots of his Don Post Deluxe TIE helmet/Chestbox which has a serial number of just 5! See these great shots in the Don Post section. I've added a couple of pics from Steve the Swede showing his wonderful ESB C-3PO head (see Fans/Droids)

16th February - Bit of a Stormtrooper update with Tobias' excellent Oakley ESB helmet (see Armor/Oakley) In that same section you can also see pics of MoogyBaby's very cool looking RotJ Stormtrooper helmet. I've also added some new shots of the new RT Mod Helmet which is looking really good (see Armor/RT-Mod). Note that I'm going to be doing some chroming next week if anyone needs their C-3PO heads plating! Also added a couple of pics of the DP Lifesize Stormtrooper, as well as Godzilla's excellent AOTC Naboo Pilot Helmet (see Fans/Rebels). See also DarrienVader's converted Don Post Classic Action Tie in the Don Post section and finally Adidino's superb full size Vader (see Fans/Vader/ESB)

Sunday 1st February - I've updated some of the background information in the Real/Stormtrooper section.  Updates include an excellent Death Star Gunner helmet from Jorid (see Fans/Other Imperials), new RotJ armor from Movie FX (Armor/MFX) and I've tidied up the Links section.

14th January 2004 - Big update! I've added some comparison shots done by Chris King of the "Type 2" JB ANH Helmet. Essentially is shows that the face part of the Vader helmet seen in ESB was probably an ANH. I've also added Thomas' (from NEG) impressive montages of the Four different screen-used ANH helmets (and some fan made ones too). Lots of detail here so take your time. There also a couple of new shots of Darth Jones' stunning ANH Vader one-off. I've also added a number of photographs of Helmets and a Jetpack made by MLC. Check them out in the Fans/Jango Fett and Fans/Boba Fett sections. In addition theres MLC's WONDERFUL Battle Droid (Fans/Droids) which you've just got to see. Finally I've updated the Real/Stormtrooper section splitting ANH/ESB away from RotJ/SE (getting too big) and added/updated a couple of shots. phew!

5th Jan 2004. No big news yet but some really awesome pictures of what is probably the best "fan-made" ANH Vader ever produced. Unfortunately its a one-off but there's still some nice shots to look at, see Fans/Vader/ANH. Also added some new pics of JB's Vader Projects (ANH and ESB) and the Chroming Page now has its own icon. Also minor updates to the Real/Stormtrooper page to reflect current beliefs over the forming materials used.

Tuesday 23rd December 2003. Not much happening (it is Christmas), although hopefully something interesting very soon. I've updated the Christies ESB trooper page with the final hammer price ($33k!) see Real/Trooper and also added shots of the recent ESB Vader helmet by Profiles in History which went for a whacking $70k (Real/Vader). Thanks to Braks Buddy for also updating some of the real trooper pics (better definition). Also added some shots of my superb new TIE armor (Fans/TIE).

Sunday 7th December. Big update to the CHROMING PAGE with lots of pics of my latest exploits in Vacuum Metallising.  have to say I am stunned wit the quality of the finish which its simply superb. I've also updated Chris Kings stunning ANH Vader and hope to be adding some additional pics soon too.

Tuesday 2nd December: Some new pics of Kanji's JB ANH Vader, as well as a couple of it combined with a Ghost Host dome to produce the best A New Hope Vader ever! See Fans/Vader/ANH. Also added some shots of Glen's new RT-Mod Armor. I've also added a number of shots of Eddie Vader's superb Oakley RotJ Stormtrooper helmet.

Saturday 29th November: Big UK get-together at Memorabilia, a great opportunity to meet up with a lot of good friends.  In addition I've also added 3 more photo's of John Mollo's ESB Stormtrooper helmet to the Real/Stormtrooper section.

Thurs 27th November. More original ESP trooper pics added. Looking for Xmas presents? - John Mollo's selling an original ESB Stormtrooper helmet this Christmas. Just a single photo at the moment but hopefully more to come. See the ESB section of Real/Stormtrooper and many thanks to Christies for these great images.

Wednesday 5th November - a couple of great comparison shots of CKing's new Gino Stormtrooper Armor with comparisons against the screen original as well as one with the GF (see Fans/GinoCRProps). Still on the Stormy theme I've been sent some photos from Tim/Halo or his Oakley ANH following some serious work by him. I've also updated the Droids/C-3PO page with WPK's completed display and added adding a new "Chroming project" page following my efforts with a C-3PO head. I've also made a big update to the Don Post Page with some great shots of a Deluxe Scout Trooper, Number 2 of just 25 ever made. I've also added Michael's Excellent Darth Vader Classic Action to the same page as well as a Deluxe Stormtrooper. Also RomFX (the best Trooper Voice Kit) link added to links page.

14th Oct '03 -  Steve at Richies Armor has sent me pics of their modified X-Wing Pilot. It always looked great, now it looks even better! I've added some MORE NEW PICS of the TIE helmet which has now been verified by Andrew Ainsworth as one of the original 12 Helmets for A New Hope in 1976. I've also done a big update to a number of "Real" sections most importantly the Real/Trooper section following a detailed Q&A session with Andrew Ainsworth - check out some really interesting facts.

Tuesday Oct 28th, few minor changes to text following confirmation of points from Andrew Ainsworth. Some superb pics from Mikael of his excellent ESB Boba Fett (see Fans/Boba) -there are some really stunning paint jobs on this page that even ILM would be proud of. CKing's sent me a great pic of him wearing an original ATAT helmet which has a really interesting (although rather sad) story attached to it (Real/Other Imperial). On the same subject there's also some pics of Jason's superb fan-made ("Anon") ATAT Driver helmet and armor (Fans/ATAT). There's also a great bespoke miniature "Biggs" Riddell X-Wing helmet from Steve at Richie's, who's also sent me some shots of their excellent RotJ Endor Rebel Helmet (Fans/Rebel).

Tuesday 7th Oct 2003: Today, I've had in my possession an ORIGINAL TIE PILOT HELMET. Its owner was presented it at Elstree Studio's during the filming of Willow (1985/86?) and its been in his possession ever since. It's now being put up for sale. 
Check out this new page HERE which now includes a 3D PIC!

Saturday 4th October  Some great shots and a review of CelticTouch's 20th Century Vader kindly provided by Jedi Punk (see Fans/Vader/ESB). There's also a number of shots of Han Hunter's new pride and joy, his RotJ Fett expertly painted by Mikael (see Fans/Boba), a bespoke Riddell Jango Fett from Uber Fett.......and another couple of pics of my new Jango Fett (Fans/Jango
.....AND AT LAST - A FULLY completed Ghost Host ANH Vader helmet!! It has certainly been worth the wait for its owner CKing! Check out the Fans/Vader/ANH section for lots of photo's.

24th September - After pressure from CyberAnt I've added a Riddell section. I know they're not "proper" helmets but they still look really cool. Also added some pics of GA's Fiberglass R2D2/C-3PO Kits (in the Fans/Droid section of course), as well as FettPride's wonderful and finally completed "Special Edition" Boba Fett life size, and also his new Chewy head (see the Fans/goodguys section). There's some shots of GA's Biker gear, and a few more things as well such as a host of Aliens from Riley Replicas in the Fans/Scum so have a good look round.

22nd Sept - Humungous new shot of WPK's completed Boba Fett Statue. See the Fans/Boba section - WOW!. Also added Kriders fantastic R3-B2 Droid (Fans/Droids) and also my new Jango Fett costume which I got from Fellow UKG member Chris. Also added some great shots from Uber model maker Riley Replica's including a Jawa, a Gonk and a dirty great big 1:1 Jabba! all in the Fans/Scum Section.

12th Sept.  Added a professional pic of CyberAnt's GF, and some more Vader comparison shots from Thomas (ANH this time). I've also added a section on Fan-made ATAT Helmet's including a number of pics of the "Anon" helmet, and the same owned by Lord Sandy. You'll also notice that the "Fan-made" sections looks cooler.

Fri 5th September - Previously some great shots of a Don Post Stormtrooper Statue, Keith's fabulous GF Stormtrooper helmet (lot of work on this), a great example of what you can go with a Standard DP TIE helmet from Wayne (TI0350)

Sun 31st August - Brief update including some new ("real") C-3PO pics from a BBC interview on Friday and some new Exhibition shots and pics of Stealthtrooper's excellent Boussh and Clonetrooper armor. Also some pics from Carl of his new ANH Vader helmet, as well as TK765's ULTRA RARE Don Post Deluxe TIE Pilot

27th August - Update including Some great new shots from BlasterManiac of his TIE Pilot helmet, and a really impressive comparison against his Stormtrooper from the same prop-maker. I've also added some pics of Celtic Touch's great looking Darth Vader helmet to the Vader/ESB section. Following on from the interesting facts received from Brinn 71 (who's worked with Lucasfilm and been able to wear screen-used costumes), I've added three shots to the "Real"  Trooper and Imperial Sections. Also added pics of Joe's DP CA(copy) Vader in Fans/Vader/ESB, Saurron's Don Post TIE modifications, plus some new pics from Charles of his new Movie FX Stormtrooper armor.

Sat 23rd August 2003 - There's a new TIE section under Fan-made, including some great shots of Tim, WellPaidKiller's and Wuchie01's helmets (section extended), along with some shots of some new prototype Rubie's "Deluxe" helmets. I've also updated the ROTJ Vader section following TWO new wonderful helmets from Natty and Darth Chops, a REVEAL and an ELSTREE copy. Check out Fans/Vader/ROTJ section for some STUNNING shots. Also I've added Stealthtrooper's excellent GA Boussh helmet, and SkyGunBros's Clone Pilot. Theres also some nice new shots of GF Armor in action! as well as phot's of WPK's new ESB Vader helmet. I've also added some great info about the real trooper costumes provided by Brinn 71, see the FAQ as well as the "Real" ROTJ Trooper section for some very interesting facts.

7th Aug '03 - Update to "Real" sections including some really great Stormtrooper, Vader, Boba Fett and Tusken pics from Braks Buddy, Anson, Paul A and the SW Chronicles. I've also add a FAQ and Site Glossary. The next update will not be until sometime w/c 18th August.

1st Aug '03 - A big update including, a restructuring of the Stormtrooper sections so now Armor and Helmets are grouped together. I've added two "perfect" Sandtrooper's under Gino/CrProps and Anon, more pics of BlasterManiac's excellent "Anon" armor. There's also pics of CKings Stunt and Hero Gino/CRProps comparisons as well as a comparison between the Hero (GF) and Stunt (Gino/CRP) Stormtrooper helmets. Also pics of Cyberant's GF Stormtrooper on its own as well as in comparison with the Armor FX and also CKings Han Trooper.  btw I've given up and gone with the US spelling of "Armor" to avoid confusion and help on-line searching. I've also added images of KL's wonderful new completed Yoda, as well as JimboBond's first step on a Yoda project.

July '03 - Prior to this an update including some nice "real" ROTJ trooper shots taken some time ago when MOM was in London, also a montage from Thomas of a number of different Vaders if you're undecided!. Also Jorid's excellent ROTJ Trooper lid and Armor and FettPride's completed ESB Boba Fett. Also Drew's GF Armor with Stunt and Hero helmets with a very nice comparison. Also a blast from the past with Charles' Marco Amour and also Goldenarmor's great Boushh and Death Star Droid helmets.

July '03 Previously a BIG UPDATE showing a comparison of the ANH Vader (JB) with the 20th Century ESB. Also a new 3D Photo of the JB ANH Vader . I've also updated RT-Mod's Stormtrooper images to show new designs. Previously I'd  managed to get my hands on an excellent GF/Follano Stormtrooper so check out the Fans/Trooper and Armor section for lots of pics including TWO 3D photo's of the helmet and also of the complete upper Armor. Previously, another big update as I try to bring the Fans/Vader section into line by splitting by film. I've also added ANH and ROTJ Vader's from GhostHost, and a couple of shots of WPK's excellent Anon Trooper. Previously I'd restructured the Fans/Stormtrooper section as there's just too many now for a single page. In addition I've added a lot more to the Boba/Jango Fett section following some great input from a number of people including FettPride, Well Paid Killer, Blastech and Lynn. It was a great 4th July for Jimbobond! as he's received his JB (ANH) Vader, Check out the pics under Fans/Vader. I've also added a couple of old photo's from Todd of a Real trooper costume in 1977, as well as Steve the Swede's excellent new ESB Vader

June '03 - There's a number of new fans work including Well Paid Killers R2-D2, more images of the wonderful Canadian ANH Vader, as well as some more real pics of Vader and Troopers etc. Previously I'd added FIVE new 3D photo's of an ESB Vader (20thC),  ANH Stormtrooper (Gino/CRProps - two tests), an ANH Tusken Raider (Godzilla Kit) and a Luke X-Wing Rebel Helmet. They're in their respective areas under "Fans" helmets so have a look!

I've recently  finished my Tusken Raider mask (see Fans/Tusken). I've now weathered it and I'm really pleased with the results. I've also added a tutorial if anyone else needs help with this kit here. Also some cool new comparison images of a new "Hero" Stormtrooper form Gino/CRProps(see here). New Vader comparison page added of a 20thC against a CKing (itself based on a DP Deluxe) its in a new sub-page under Comparisons and Fans/Vader or here. Also some new shots from Greg of his stunning Gino Sandtrooper on patrol (see low down on Armor page) 

Previously added some pics of what are purported to be "original" ANH and ESB Vader on display in Orlando,FL (check out the "Real Props/Vaders" section). Also Check out the Fans/Stormtrooper section to see my wonderful new Trooper helmet. I've also added Chris Kings excellent new ESB Boba Fett in Fans/Boba too, and some more photo updates from the Star Wars Week-ends (see below) courtesy of Jay Harris  - TK1010 from the Florida Garrison.