Master Replicas Helmets

Master Replicas has held the Lucasfilm license to provide props for a number of years and in 2005 added Helmets from the New trilogy to their impressive range of Lightsabers, Blasters and miscellaneous SW props. Commencing with the Episode 3 Clone and Vader fans were eager to see what they could do with helmets from the Original Trilogy. In late Dec 2007 MR started shipping the Stormtrooper, helmets and will follow on with the Shadow Trooper and Boba Fett helmets through to March. Alas that will be the end of the range since they were unable to agree a renewed license with Lucasfilm so will officially close their order book for Star Wars props on 31st Dec 2007 with a final delivery date/cut-off of 31st March 2008. Following this eFX Collectibles  picking up on the license (and some of the moulds) and continued MR's work production a number of excellent replica helmets and props - for more on eFX see their section here.
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RotS Clone Trooper's
(7 variants (Shock, Spec Ops, Gree etc.)

     RotS Vader
(Signature Edition and Limited Edition)



ANH LE Hero Stormtrooper
(the expensive Fiberglass one)

ANH CE Stunt Stormtrooper
(the cheap Plastic one)



EU Shadow Trooper / Black Hole Stormtrooper - Limited Edition Helmet

   ESB Boba Fett
(Signature Edition and Limited Edition)



Master Replicas and Riddell's 0.45 Scale/Mini Helmet Range

Master Replicas Old News Stories

Aug 2006 update - There were numerous delays for the release of the Clone and Vader helmets. MR recalled the first batches of these helmets as they were not happy with the finish and they were all destroyed,  prompting a switch in Chinese supplier. However many people (myself included) decided to hang onto the ones we received -  figuring that "a bird in the hand, etc. etc"). Replacements took a good 6 months to arrive hence many were glad therey held onto theirs!  Production was moved to a new plant in China but no real news on when these will go out at this point (Aug 2006), although an update is imminent.

May 2007 - MR fails to agree a revised  contract with Lucasfilm so will cease production of SW related props and helmets from the end of the year.

Jan 2007- MR has shown off the new Stormtrooper Helmet at the US Toy Fair, along with the Boba Fett and Commander Gree. More news and pics lower down this page

Previous News - Dec 30th 2006 - MR has confirmed that the Stormtrooper helmet will be an LE only (i.e. no EE or CE), which is not surprising given the response to their CE Lightsaber range, which has now been dropped. It will be a similar spec to the Clone buckets, i.e. made of Fiberglass, with lining inside. They've gone for a Hero version with bubble lenses, metal grills on the mic tips (unlike the clone decals) and interesting will be a 4 part design like the originals (which of course were vac formed plastic). This is actually quite a nice idea since it will ensure that the helmet looks like the originals, with gaps between the sections, ears etc, but is made from a much more rugged material. Most importantly, like the originals it WILL be wonky/asymmetrical and it should have painted details (not confirmed yet).

August 2006 - I managed to catch up with Master Replicas at Comic Con in San Diego a few weeks back so asked them for an update on their helmet and costume plans.

Talking to a couple of their marketing people, they said that they were just looking to produce the "more easy" costumes before moving on the more complex characters, such as the Stormtrooper. On show was the X-Men Wolverine costume (which looked superb btw) which probably illustrates this point.

They added that they "learned a hard lesson" with the Vader and Clones and therefore the Stormtroper helmet wont arrive until "early 2007", and at some point after which "they may look at armor but there's been no decision as yet".

Interestingly they said that Lucasfilm granted licenses for specific characters hence why it would be possible for one company to produce the costume for one character, and another company another. An example of this is the way MR and Sideshow appear to overlap on the SW franchise, with Sideshow showing off their new  C-3PO and R2-D2 life-sizes (see new Sideshow page)

As soon as they've got the Vader and revised Clone troopers out the way then they will be officially announcing and taking orders on the new helmets, which is expected to be the previously-announced Stormtrooper and Boba Fett helmets, which should be ready for despatch Summer 2007.  I was specifically told that the Stormtrooper would be the Hero version and a good possibility that there would be a Signature version (possibly Mark Hamill). The only other helmet mentioned was a Clone Commander Gree which is good news although I hope they decide to produce a Commander Cody with movable Binoculars.

Looking at the existing range, the revised clones "are 100% the same as the old ones, just manufactured by a new company in China". However MR said that no decals would be used on the new helmets (some  of the 1st run of clones used decals on the side tubes, although not the ones I have). They've made a single change to the Vader which now has a revised connection mechanism, along with better packing which will ensure the helmets aren't received scratched.