Licensed Helmets, Busts and Lifesizes

Australian provider of "Licensed Helmets to Southern Hemisphere".
Bit of a mixed bag although their Biker Scout and Boussh were superb.

Licensed Expired 2004/5

Current Licensed Producers of Helmets and Full Costumes. Management team all from non-licensed/fan background so they know their stuff! Anovos also holds the license for something called "Star Trek" although its not something we've ever heard of.

Current License Holder

First producer of Star Wars Helmets, holding License from 1977 all the way to 2000. Did a range of helmets and even life-sizes of varying prices and quality.

Licensed Expired 2000

Current Licensed producers of Premium Priced Props and Helmets. Owner previously worked for Master Replicas, picked up license following its demise.  *Caution - Failed to deliver RotJ Scout Trooper Legend helmet after FOUR YEAR pre-order - You have been warned!

Current License Holder

Producer of Quality Replica Props, moved onto Helmets after much success with Lightsabers and Blasters. Unable to retain license in 2008 led to the formation of E-FX above.

License Expired 2008

Producer of "Premium wearable costumes". In 2011/12 they showed off some soft costumes (e.g. Anakin, Obi-Wan and Padme Amidala) - but the promised Stormtrooper armour never happened.  No page for this as it never really happened!

License Expired 2013.

Producer of lower cost wearable costumes, masks and helmets. Most of range is aimed at "fancy dress" market hence sub-par reputation. Released disappointing Stormtrooper armour in 2009

Current License Holder

Producer of "Non Wearable" Busts and Life sizes Statues - although they seemed to dry up in 2013.  Note: pages no longer updated as Sideshow is unwilling to provide SWH with decent reference material for its reviews.

Current License Holder