Site Glossary

I've tried to explain some of the common terms used in the site, and their meanings. My knowledge of plastics and vac-forming isn't the best so if you note any errors then please lmk (let me know).

20thC 20th Century Cast an original ESB Darth Vader helmet for publicity purposes by 20th Century Fox. This has since been re-cast as it is a very clean and sharp copy of the original helmet.
501st World-Wide 501st World-Wide group of Star-Wars costumers, most of whom are Stormtrooper's
ABS Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Most popular kind of Styrene used to create many helmets and Armor. The original Stormtrooper's were all made from straight white ABS. Newer ABS is more resistant to yellowing with age.
Altmann's Steve Altmann Helmets Australian Licensed producer who's range quality varies quite considerably from helmet to helmet. The biker is great but the Stormtrooper is not so
ANH A New Hope Star Wars: Episode IV (the first one!)
Anon Anonymous Used where a prop maker does not want his name being used for fear of LucasFilm interest!
AOTC Attack of the Clones Star Wars: Episode II (the most recent film)
ATAT All Terrain Armored Transport ATAT Driver Helmets from ESB were made from two or three unused TIE Pilot helmets made by SDS for ANH in 1976.
Asymmetrical Asymmetrical Helmets made for the Original Trilogy were NOT symmetrical in appearance as they were all sculpted by hand. Also referred to as "wonky" or "warped"
B&N Bermans and Nathans London costume company who supplied some of the original soft costumes for the original trilogy. Now known as "Angels".
C/A Classic Action Range of Helmets from Don Post. Still Vinyl they were screen accurate and therefore are now quite sought after.
DP Don Post Produced licensed Star Wars Helmets from 1977 to 2000.
E-11 E-11 Standard Stormtrooper blaster
e-FX e-FX Collectibles New company who will be producing Lucasfilm licensed Helmets and Props from 2007.
ESB/TESB The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars: Episode V. The one with the big snow cows.
FG Fiberglass Material used on some helmets such as Vader, Boba Fett etc. Heavier than ABS and has to be painted but will produce excellent resuts.
FX / AFX Armor FX Produced the most popular kind of Stormtrooper armor, though not screen accurate.
Gel-Coat Gel-Coat Part of the fiberglass, essentially the smooth bit most evident on the outside of a helmet!
GF Gerardo Follano One-time producer of accurate trooper armor 
Gino/CRProps Gino/CRProps Fan producers of some helmets. 
GA GoldenArmor Produce some very nice and often unique kits such as a full size C-3PO, Pit Droids and a Boussh!
GT Galaxy Trading Retailer who sold FX Stormtrooper armor and lots of other great stuff before being closed down following Lucasfilm interest!
HIPS HIPS a High Impact Styrene - similar to ABS but without the rubber.
ILM Industrial Light & Magic George Lucas' company who produce the special effects and props for the Star Wars films having led the field for 26 years!
Marco Marco Enterprises Produced effectively the first Stormtrooper armor. Helmet looks a bit odd now.
MR Master Replicas Replica Prop Company who produced Lucasfilm licensed Helmets and Props from 2002 to 2007.
M FX MOVIE FX German producer of Stormtrooper Armor and helmets, quality is improving but service is apparently not!
Oakley Cameron Oakley Some years back this Australian producer made some non-licensed helmets including a nice Fiberglass ROTJ Trooper!
PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride A kind of Styrene (plastic) used in some helmets.
RA Richie's Armor Produce range of non-licensed Helmet kits such as the excellent X-Wing etc.
Resin Resin Some helmets and other props are made of resin. Not very friendly if dropped!
ROS/RotS Revenge of the Sith Star Wars Episode III. The one that thought it was deep and intelligent but was in fact written by a 9 year old.
ROJ/RotJ Return of the Jedi Episode VI, the one with the Ewoks
RPB (or RPF) Replica Prop Board / Forum Popular forums where Movie props are discussed. See links section
RT-MOD RT-MOD Canadian producer of glossy Stormtrooper armor and other props
SDS Shepperton Design Studios SDS, owned by Andrew Ainsworth fabricated most of original helmets and armor for Star Wars ANH including the Stormtrooper, Tie, X-Wing etc. Started production again in 2004 and currently in legal proceedings with Lucasfilm over copyright infringement.
Styrene Styrene Generic family name for a type of plastic
TIE Twin Ion Engine The all-black TIE Pilot Helmets used in ANH and RotJ and worn by the Imperial Fighter Pilots were essentially a cross between a Stormtrooper and Rebel X-Wing helmets.
TK TK A TK number is a unique identifier for a specific Imperial Stormtrooper or 501st member (TK for Stormtrooper, TD Sandtrooper, TI for TIE Pilot etc.)
TPM The Phantom Menace Star Wars: Episode I. The one with Jar-Jar.
UKG UK Garrison UK part of the World-Wide 501st

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