Helmet Comparisons

Its not until you start to look that you realise the different types of helmets available. And whether they're licensed or fan-made, the difference in quality is huge. The photos below show the real helmets (of which there where many variations in most cases), and the different licensed and non-licensed versions. Note that in almost all cases, due to them being essentially 100% hand-made, they are understandably FAR superior to their licensed equivalents.

Stormtrooper Comparisons

  Go HERE for Movie Stormtrooper Helmet Comparisons (ANH-ESB-RotJ)

Go here for RotJ Biker Scout Comparisons 
...and to compare a "Stunt" and "Hero" Helmet click here


A comparison of different Stormtrooper Helmets - note this page is very old and probably needs updating!

Original ROTJ from Lucasfilm Archives

Altmann's of Australia -eeek!

Don Post Classic Action

 The popular F/X Kit

Above, Justin's  ROTJ Oakley 

..and Steve the Swede's GF ANH Hero

Above GF ANH Hero with higher brow

GF ANH Hero,

above, the RT-Mod, similar to the Don Post Deluxe/CA design.

Above, Oakley ROTJ fiberglass copy

Above the new RT-Mod helmet design

Keith's CRProps ANH Stunt 

 SDS/AA Stunt Helmet. 

Above the Gino/CRProps ANH Stunt helmet.

Above the symmetrical Don Post Deluxe

...and BlasterManiac's Excellent "Anon"


Size Comparison

The two images above show the difference in dimensions between the GF/Follano copy (originating from an original ANH helmet) and the fan-sculptured FX (right). 

Above has been put together by Chuck, he used it to help him decide which helmet to go for. Note that the helmets are not to scale, but its still very useful if you want a quick comparison between helmets. Click on the picture for a larger version.

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Darth Vader Comparisons

Go here for 20thC/CKing Vader comparison page (ESB)

NEW Comparison showing Vader's evolution from Revenge of the Sith to A New Hope

Go here for JB ANH / 20thC ESB Vader comparison page (ANH to ESB) 

Original ROTJ

KL's Don Post Fibreglass ESB Deluxe

CKing DP Deluxe ESB copy

Fan 20th Century Fox ESB Mould 

Altmann's Version

CKing's modified low numbered DP Deluxe

Don Post vinyl Classic Action - non modified

Fantastic new JB ANH Copy

Fyberdyne ANH Copy

Fatherless One's ROTJ Copy

Thomas has sent us a couple of excellent montages he's put together to try and help him better understand exactly what he's looking for. Click on the graphic above for the full versions of these comparison sheets.


ERG Comparisons
(Emperor's Royal Guard)

Original ROTJ

Fan-modified Don Post


Standard Don Post


Boba Fett Comparisons

Original ROTJ from the Lucas Archives

Justin's excellent extensively Fan-modified version (from a DP 95 I think)

Original ROTJ from the MOM Exhibitions....

...and Steve the Swede's PERFECT ROJ copy of it, using a DP Deluxe base. 


Justin's new (big) ESB, fan-made.

Don Post Deluxe Boba

Don Post 1997 Standard (cheapo)