Vader Helmet Comparisons

Thomas has put these montage shots together as a comparison chart of the different Screen-Used and fan-made Vader Helmet's

Top row
ANH movie shot, JB ANH, ROTJ movie prop, Original ANH 1977 Tour Helmet?, ESB movie shot 
Bottom row GH ROTJ, 20th Century, KL DP deluxe helmet, KL's old DP Deluxe , ESB movie shot


Top row
JB ANH, ANH movie shot, ESB movie shot, KL DP Deluxe helmet
Bottom row
KL DP deluxe helmet, ESB movie shot, “Planet Hollywood Orlando"  ESB Original prop

Here’s another set of Vader comparison photo's that I think  you’ll find very interesting. Again this has been put together by Thomas and details what he believes to be the history to the helmets and how they were used from film to film