Biker Scout Comparisons

The following excellent comparisons have been done by Andrea T from Italy. In this comparison you can see a comparison between a the Don Post Deluxe (left), Screen used (middle)  and the Altmann's (right). Andrea's scaled the image of the original helmet to the size of DP Deluxe because the DP is cast without doubt from a screen used one.  These comparisons are great as Andrea went to great lengths to replicate everything against the original helmet, such that distance to helmet and lighting conditions do appear to be the same - well done Andrea!

Andrea explains "As you can see in this photo the Altmann seems to be smaller because in reality it is smaller. The DP Deluxe and the Altmann are two totally different helmets and have many differences. The Altmann helmet (even though the Mr. Altmann in person claims the contrary) appears to be based on reference photos (the same photos I used on Image 01) and therefore IMO is not cast from an original.

This is a straight comparison of the Don Post Deluxe Biker Scout and Altmann's, at a  higher resolution.

This image shows the back of each helmets and their true colour under the light. Again the DP left, Altmann's right.

Finally a photo of their frontal snout. In this image you can better see that the Don Post DX has a shining pearl white (almost matching the SDS Stormtrooper helmets) while the Altmann has an almost matt finish. Moreover here you can see clearly that the details on the Altmann (the comlink and the aerator) are custom work and are placed on a flat grey painted snout while the details on the Don Post DX are cast from an original one and placed on a grey base that enters inside the frontal deep opening on the snout exactly like in the original helmet.

Excellent comparison - thank you Andrea.

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