Rubies Helmets, Armor, Masks and Costumes

Following the loss by Don Post Studio's of their Star Wars license, Rubies stepped to the breach taking on many of the old Don Post designs. However Rubies never really got to grips with the top end of the license, producing decent enough "budget" Halloween style helmets although failing to really approach the "quality" collectible market.

Ultimately they're more "Halloween" or "fancy-dress costumes and helmets" as opposed to true replicas or "Collectible" pieces. So some of their products are not too bad although unfortunately most are very inaccurate.


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Stormtrooper Helmets and Armor Darth Vader Helmets and Costumes

Supreme Boba Fett Costume

AotC Clone Trooper's

Jango Fett and Miscellaneous Helmets

Supreme Chewbacca Costume