Miscellaneous Rubies Helmets and Costumes

Following the loss by Don Post Studio's of their Star Wars license, Rubies stepped to the breach taking on many of the old Don Post designs. However Rubies never really got to grips with the top end of the license, producing decent enough "budget" Halloween style helmets although failing to really approach the "quality" collectible market.

Deluxe Jango Fett Helmet (Prototype only - never released)

Jango looks very nice, and certainly from this photo appears to be a close likeness.

...and the prototype head and shoulders (non wearable) Yoda looks excellent, however there has been some reservations over whether the actual production props will be as good following the differences between the lifesize AOTC Yoda prototype and production props (see below with the prototype on the left and the production version on the right)


Looking at Rubie's 2002 "Collectors' Helmets" product range it looks that they have taken on Don Post's old Star Wars range, to the extent that they're probably using DP's original moulds.

Compare Rubie's Xwing....
...with Don Post's

Same again with Rubie's Scout Trooper..
..and the "original" Don Post version.

Note also that Rubie's new Attack of the Clones Jango Fett Helmet...

..looks suspiciously like a different paint job on their Boba Fett (which itself looks 100% identical to the old Don Post).

Rubie's Stormtrooper - ahhhhh, nice little puppy-dog. Woof woof. Rubie's Tie Pilot's - this is from the old Don Post  moulds (the undersize moulds used to create the Standard NOT Classic Action helmet

Now this is the disappointing one. Having now seen  Rubies "Collectors" Clone Trooper (Ref 65002) at Memorabilia in August, it's less than impressive, and seriously undersize. Can't blame Rubie's on C-3PO though, I've never seen a decent licensed version outside Don Post's $10,000 display model.
However there are some excellent fan-made 3PO's  here.
Strangely, according to their brochure, both the Collectors' Clone Trooper and Jango Fett look identical to their "Deluxe injected 2-piece mask" equivalents (ref 4118/4116). It looks like they incorrectly used the same photo for both models, as the 2-piece is obviosly different (see below).
Left a photo of my little lad (6 years old) in his Jango Fett suit he got for Xmas. It's the "deluxe" dress-up gear with padded armour, along with a couple of Jango blasters from TRU (I couldnt get the Rubies blasters and holsters anywhere). The helmet is a two piece thin injected plastic. He loves it!

Do you think maybe I'm indoctrinating my kids into the love of all things Star Wars?

OK not a helmet, but left is Rubie's Kit Fisto mask from AOTC. Very cheap and quite a nice likeness really. Likewise with the Greedo. A really nice and very cheap mask from Rubies and essentially a 100% duplicate of the old Don Post, warts and all !!
Rubies announced their 2005 range and as always their decisions are rather puzzling. Along with the three "deluxe" Fiberglass helmets they made last year (the ESB Vader and misguided AotC Jango Fett and Clone Trooper helmets), they've now added:
bulletA low-cost but really nice "Supreme Edition" Vader ($130 and very much like the Don Post Classic Action)
bulletA "Deluxe" Vader Suit ($800 and pretty good for the price including the above helmet)
bulletA "Deluxe" Chewbacca Suit (which actually turned out quite nice!)
bulletA Limited Edition Silver Vader (at $2,000!)

Now forgive me but what is it with Rubies? The low cost Vader helmets and possibly deluxe suit I can understand but just how many life-size Chewbacca's do they think they're going to sell? I tell you how many - less than 10% of a deluxe clone trooper (and I mean deluxe) that they should have produced. And the Silver limited Edition Vader is a really strange decision. Its clearly going to be of very limited interest and yet despite the enormous price tag they've merely painted rather than chromed it!