Rubies Supreme Boba Fett Costume

Below photos of Rubies new "Supreme" Boba Fett costume, due to go on sale now (Sept 09) for around $900. Note that without seeing the costume we're VERY wary of just going on Rubies own in-house photographs since they have been somewhat misleading in the past - we're thinking here of Rubies Supreme Darth Vader where shots of the actual screen-used Vader were used to promote it - rather than the actual replica costume.

Below a better look at the helmet which from these photographs does look quite impressive. Although we think its freaking hilarious that you can see the guy wearing it with his noses squashed up against the visor. Looks like he pouting too! Note the CG'd boots - they're not included.

Initially it was wondered whether the helmet was actually a Master Replicas "Limited Edition Hemet" -  but as you can see from this comparisons below it clearly isn't. Apart from the differences in the painting there are also a number of structural differences, including the base of the stalk arm. Its possible it came from the same moulds as MR's but we're expecting the Rubies "Collectors" helmet to be made from plastic, as opposed to the Fiberglass used on MR's.

Below a better shot of the chest including the armor, braids and belt.

Below a new photos of the Backpack....

....Which as part of the overall package does look (gulp!) actually rather good. Though clearly this isn't going to suit the die-hard Mandalorian's out there - it does look like an "affordable" Boba Fett costume and one that could be used as the basis for a more accurate trooping costume.

So at this early stage it looks to be Rubies most impressive costume to date - although many will perhaps say that this isn't saying too much. Bottom line is we'll have to wait until these ship late September 09 before we can make a true judgement - since the quality of the helmet will play a big part in how readily this is accepted by Fett fans.


Rubies Supreme Chewbacca Costume

Here's Rubies Supreme Chewbacca Costume (apparently he's grown a moustache!). This is a studio shot so its hard to comment until we've seen a production version.

It begs the question "why?", since I would have thought most people tend to want to dress up as Clone Trooper rather than a Wookiee and maybe they should have gone for a deluxe version of one of the fantastic new Ep3 troopers, but then what do we know?

June 05 - Kevin's sent us these photos of the actual Rubies Supreme Costumes in a Store he visited. It looks like someone back-combed his hair!

He really does look like a "walking carpet". Oh what the hell put us down for one - it could be fun. At least it'll give us a excuse to use some crude jokes about "Spanking the Wookiee"