Follano / FX Hybrid

What's this you say?, well I've been asked in the past whether a GF helmet would go with FX armour. Colour-wise they look a very good match as shown by these images (excuse the yellow glow from the lights).

So YES, if you want to spruce up your FX armor you could quickly add a GF helmet.

Below, here's some shots from Ian Evans from the UKG showing that the FX armour, with a decent helmet can create a really great looking trooper, in ths case a Sandtrooper. 

The weathering looks really nice, and the backpack's finished the costume off really wllk. Purists will say that as a bespoke sculpt (ie not cast from an original screen-used set) the FX suffers, but when you add a decent helmet to it you end up with something that 99% of fans really wont be able to differentiate.

Backpack looks good, as does the weathering which is a nice dirty grey.

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