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Tusken Raider / Sandpeople

Above and below are three shots from the excellent Star Wars Chronicles showing the detail of the main (hero?) Luke-attacking Tusken from ANH. Like almost all the other original helmets, the Tusken raider helmet was fabricated by free lancers Nick Pemberton and Andrew Ainsworth. The metal parts were turned on a lathe by Andrew's father, an experienced metalworker.

...and below (left) a shot from the Lucas Archive's and right on display at the SF MOM.

above another shot, this one from the LFL Archives and this great shot below thanks to Franz Bolo

Again from one of the recent Lucasfilm exhibitions....

Above and below a couple of superb close-ups of the male and female Tusken Raiders/Sandpeople from the new trilogy, specifically AotC

Miscellaneous - Others

..a number of these photos come courtesy of Franz Bolo, who took them some time ago at the Might of Magic Exhibition in Houston, Texas. Many thanks to him for sharing them.

Here's a great shot of Chewy - again one of the original costumes, and below a screen-grab from ANH

Above the original Phantom Menace Anakin Pod Racer Helmet, and below one of the Yoda props, possibly Return of the Jedi

Below, an original Ewok from RotJ.

Funny how they don't look so sweet when they're chucking rocks at yer head!

(From Empire Strikes Back)

Above, this big brute is of course the Wampa  - specifically the miniature puppet made by Phil Tippet. It's the one seen in the face close ups during the Taun Taun attack. Neat thing is they shot it in the states, aimed at the sky so you couldn't tell it wasn't in the snow!. This one's still in the from the LFL Archive.

Above a great shot of the same puppet from Jason at OriginalPropBlog.com - and below from Tom Wampa of the puppet being filmed back in 1979

...and as it appeared in the movie....

Below a photo of the full size Wampa costume made for the additional scenes in the Special Edition  - this particular shot taken at the 2006 MOM Exhibition by TK7602. Our thanks to Tom Spina for the additional info on this creature - this guy really knows his Wampa's!

and below sam the hairy feller as seen in the Special Edition.

There was also a third Wampa too (of course!) and that was the Stuart Freeborn built costume. Just shown in flashes really... even in the Special Edition though, one good shot remains of the head/claws coming at Luke at the last second. Below a couple of behind the scenes photos from Tom of it
...although its face is probably a little too cutesy hence why its hardly seen, although can be seen here.....

IN addition, according to Tom Spina there was a forth Wampa, made for the Echo Base attack scenes which were cut from the final version. Its likely it was actually just a new head on the same Freeborn costume though. Big, bug-like eyes on this one! Again thanks to To for the photos.

So there you have it, FOUR Wampa's produced for various cuts/versions of the movie. Again thanks to Tom for the great info and shots.

Other Masks/Helmets

Above and below images of various RotJ aliens from Jabba's entourage from LFL Archive.

 and finally below from L to R, Admiral Ackbar (or one of his mates), some geezer from Jabba's Palace and 4-LOM the Droid Bounty Hunter from ESB.

Below a better shot of Ackbar from Franz Bolo (again an exhibition photo)

...and Weequay (I think)

..and as he was on-screen (not much prettier)

...ok, everyone all together "UUUuuuuttttiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnniiiiiiiii" Thanks again to Franz.

Below some screen-grabs of various characters including Bib Fortuna and Gamorrean Guards..

Above a great Hi-Def capture of Bib Fortuna, as far as I know I dont think anyone's attempted a replica of this (unless you know otherwise). Cant think why. Below one of my favourites, a rather dumb looking Gamorrean Guard.

..and below a complete original Gamorrean costume with photo taken by Jason from the Original Prop Blog from 1995's "Art of Star Wars" Exhibition. Again thanks to him for this. Given this photo was taken 14 years ago you wonder what state the costume will be in now - the Latex especially is prone to drying up and cracking if its not well cared for.

And below from the OT a couple of RoCKo's Hi Def Screengrabs of Greedo

From Revenge of the Sith here's a couple of shots of General Grievous and one of his Magna Guards. Many thanks to JediWannabe for these excellent hi-res pics.

Above and below some of LFL's CG files of Grievous and on of his guards.

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