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Brief Prop and Costume History
This ones a bit of a mixed bag since it covers the helmets and costumes for a number of characters including Tusken Raiders, Bossk, Gamorrean Guards and various other aliens from Jabba's palace

From a licensed perspective, the majority of providers tend to concentrate on providing masks, helmets and costumes for the main characters, i.e. Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, Clone Trooper etc. This is simple economics since the demand for these main characters are many times that for the less well-known characters. Essentially a provider would expect to sell 10 Darth Vader's for ever Gamorrean Guard. However its pleasing to see that Sideshow Collectibles isn't overlooking the minor characters and have done some superb 1:1 scale busts including Bossk, Greedo, Admiral Ackbar and a Gamorrean Guard.

Fan-made producers are no so concerned with issues of scale (in fact a small run for a niche character can be quite rewarding) and have put together some excellent replica masks and helmets. These are often sold as unfinished "Do it Yourself" kits - the perfect example of this is "Godzilla's" Tusken Raider. On the fan-made page you'll see photos of this, plus some other fantastic replicas including some that were only made as one-off's


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