Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones
Clone Troopers

The three images above and right are of King Jamie's superb one-off Clone Trooper Helmet. Made of fiberglass from an original sculpt by Jamie himself, he's created an excellent likeness and shaped an accurate chrome visor made of two-way mirrored acrylic matching the film look. Jamie created his original sculpt based on the proportions in the SWD and images from the film when compared to the other actors. Therefore this helmet is "life-size" and significantly larger than the Kellog's.

I really like what he's done with the painting, and specifically the excellent battle damage look and blast residue most evident at the top of the helmet. This was achieved by gouging impact marks on the surface and burning the helmet with a torch.  The helmet was painted using white, gray, and black enamels, and finished with a blanket of clear matte to give the realistic "used" look seen in the Clone Wars scenes. Jamie has specifically matched the damage to that of the maquette used by Lucasfilm as a base model for the CGI. The inside of the helmet has an ultra bright red LED light that when switched on, lights the tip of the fin on the back of the helmet again to match the film-used CGI "prop". 

2nd October 2005 - Below is my old Clone Trooper helmet.  Based originally on the Canadian Kellogs helmet, its been totally reinforced with fiberglass, adding a rear LED, replacement screen-accurate reflective visor and finished the whole thing off with custom paint job and overall weathering. 

...and a couple more pics of the same helmet below.

...and below four shots of Stealthtrooper's excellent Clone Trooper costume, which uses the same modified helmet as the base. Great armor and an impressive looking costume.

Above is another really nice Clone Trooper helmet again based around the Kellog's Canada Helmet, the designer has adapted the helmet, and finished off with some excellent painting and weathering. Although it sold out very quickly, the base "helmet" can be picked up on ebay for under $40, although note that its wafer-thin and needs serious reinforcing.

Above, a couple of comparison shots showing the Rubie's and the "Real" prop from the film. Note that though the Rubie's looks close, it is in fact significantly undersize such that the overall dimensions of the Kellogs is probably more accurate. 

Below are some shots of a new  Fan-made, currently doing the rounds on ebay. Below left is a painted up version, and to the right, a weathered version next to the (tiny) Rubie's.

Above and below a comparison between the Fan-made and a Kellog's. I like the visor in particular as it matches the highly-reflective type used in the film (CG actually).

Above and below are images of KooKoo's really impressive looking Clone Trooper. Based on his own sculpt he really has done an excellent job and may soon be offering these in (very) limited numbers.

...above is Joe's (DarkSide) Clone Lieutenant, another one based on the Kellog's Helmet. He tells me its Red for Captain and Yellow for Commander, dunno about green.

Below, Clonesix has sent me these 3 shots of his newly completed Clone Trooper. Its cast in hollow-cast ridged polyurethane resin and is a very close match to the Original CG version.

The collar area is movie accurate, but is completely wearable via a small door in the back that is held in place by small magnets for easy attachments and removal by the wearer. Adequate ventilation was a concern with such a tight fitting neck area. So a vacu-formed plate fits into the chin, behind the mouth openings to act as ducting for airflow through the mouth and chin. a small CPU fan is mounted to the plate and powered by a 9V battery, to draw air into the helmet. The visor is cut from a motorcycle helmet visor and provides excellent visibility. The dorsal fin also lights up (blinking of rixed) via four Super-Brite LED's.
Ed from Spain (who's produced some nice RotS Clone Helmets) has also produced some Ep2 Helmets.....

..and below a selection including some Animated Clone Wars style helmets.

Sept 06 - Here's Javamonkey's Work in Progress Ep2 Clone trooper helmet on a set of clone armour (above you will see the same armour but with JM's Ep3 helmet)

...and below the same JM helmet but this one painted up by John Sale

Finally for the Ep2 Clones here's some photos from Spacebob of his reworked Star Fortress Clone helmet which looks really great.

That's really impressive work. The Star Fortress Clone sculpt was particularly accurate, especially when you consider that as a fan-made helmet they didn't have access to the LFL digital files so everything's sculpted from sight.

Thank for the pics Spacebob!

AotC Clone Pilot

I've just received these new shots of his completed and weathered Clone Pilot Helmet and chest box from SkyGunBros. Remember in the Movie these were all CG so no actual helmets/props "existed" so he's done an excellent job working from the stills available.

 The weathering makes all the difference and as you can see it looks very accurate. 

Below some shots taken at an earlier stage.

Skygunbros 1:1 Clone Pilot helmet is hand sculpted primarily using "Bondo" autobody filler along with a lot of Dremelling, hand carving and sanding. 

The final piece will be cast in fiberglass and painted with automotive paints and clear coat, and Jason's also produced the Chest Box and pipes.

Here's some new shots of his excellent fully completed Clone Pilot Helmet and Armor (with friend!)

The armor was made by Carlos and together they look absolutely superb

Star Wars Expanded Universe

Republic Commando Helmets

These are the characters from the Lucas Arts Computer game and comic books. Timeline wise they came between Episode 2 and 3. Chad and Harley have put together a range of these helmets and IMO have done a superb job on them.

First up is "Fixer". I love the blue LED's - they make the helmet look really cool

They're made of fiberglass and each one is hand painted. I'm not sure whether they've done a run of these or they've just made a few for themselves.

Below another character design. From this angle you can see the similarities with the Episode 2 Clone design (the jaw line and ear detailing) and from an evolutionary perspective how it will "become" the Episode 3 helmet.

Shame they cant convince someone like "Bell" to made proper Motorcycle helmets like this!

This is really impressive work. Below a couple of shots of one of their earlier helmets (sorry not sure of the character name) but the red, grey and whit detailing looks excellent

And finally below its Republic Commando Howler

This is really excellent work from these guys, not least to put so much work into characters from the Extended Universe that AFAIK no one else has looked at before.

Below, updated March 2006 - even MORE Republic Commando helmets from Chad!

Captain Fordo Helmet

Captain Fordo was seen in the Clone Wars Cartoon series, and below is another excellent helmet made by SWC regular, Skygunbro....

His work is littered across this site but the "brother" helmet to this the Commander Neyo can be seen on the RotS Clone Trooper page.



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