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Clone Trooper Helmets and Armor


These next few are probably the most impressive fan-made Clone Trooper helmets I've seen so far. Produced by Scott/ Javamonkey they look extremely accurate to me and given they've been produced a number of months before the Master Replica helmets it really is an impressive achievement.

These really are VERY good helmets. I've not seen one in person so am not sure if they're fiberglass or ABS/Styrene.

The weathering looks great too.

Here's a shot of the yellow derivative - I really like the lip on the area around the lens

Below a couple of shots of Darren's Java Monkey Clone Helmet (ABS I think) - Superb

Its a cool looking helmet and being ABS would be perfect for the rigours of trooping.

Below, here's an impressive shot of JavaMonkey's Ep3 Clonetrooper (work in progress) helmet on a set of his armor. On the Episode 2 Clone page you'll see JM's Ep2 Trooper on the same armor.

OSCS Clonetrooper

In case you were wondering its nothing to do with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders but in fact "One Stop Clone Shop" who have put these great looking and rather unique Clone helmets together

Mike Continues.....Here are two examples of the O.S.C.S. (One Stop Clone Shop) Episode III Clonetrooper helmet, finished and painted by TK1536 Mike Harrison. While the details remain relatively unknown, it is believed this helmet started with the original CAD files, and as such, is the most accurate helmet available. It has not been up-sized 10 to 15% like the Master Replicas helmet,

Below a comparison against a hi def screen grab done by Mike, showing the detail in the paint work.

Mike adds - An interesting addition to this helmet is that it contains the neck ring, which the Master Replicas Clone helmet lacks. Because of this neck ring, the helmet must be modified so it can be wearable. One such modification is the removal of the face plate which is then attached with Rare Earth magnets

Its a really great looking helmet and I like the idea of having a separate face to allow the neck ring. Again the painting is awesome on this helmet.

Some useful info recently from Tobias in the Nordic Garrison who has one of these lids "OSCS helmets are made from something called Rigid Urethane according to Marcelo, the guy who makes them. The first of them were made using "slush-casting" which mean that it is rather bumpy on the inside, with some areas very thick, and some rather thin. More recently the maker has gotten a proper roto-cast machine, so his newer helmets should be smoother and more even".
Below, this Commander Gree helmet which is also based on the same OSCS helmet

This particular helmet was finished by Todd Gottfried TD1035. The metal look paint finished wasn't vacuum metalised but instead Alclad II was used (sprayed on)

I've never seen one of these side by side with a Master Replicas Clone helmet - but I'd be interesting to see the size difference (the MR slightly larger than the OSCS).

THe OSCS certainly looks like an impressive helmet.
Below, I got hold of these great shots in 2005 from Philip at Rebelscum.com of the life-size Gentle Giant Statue shown at the 2005 Comic Con of the (then) new Episode 3 Trooper. 

Body-wise it looks exactly the same as the E2 Clone Trooper so only the revised helmet design is new.

I dunno, call me old fashioned but to me it doesn't have the same "curved" beauty of the traditional ANH Stormtrooper. Considering its just a 20(?) year leap from "Revenge of the Sith" to "A New Hope" there's one hell of a change!

Note that this isn't "fan-made", I just didnt know where else to put it! Again may thanks to Philip and www.Rebelscum.com for these images

There's been some interesting new fan-made RotS helmets appearing on ebay recently, including this Commander Cody helmet. I'm not sure of the history of it so if anyone has any info lmk

It actually looks very nice although made from fiberglass there is the suggestion it may have been cast off another fan-made helmet.
Below here's another couple of fiberglass helmets
In addition Skygunbro is nearing completion on his Clone Trooper Helmets, including this one, which will come with Binocs when complete.

After his work on the Ep2 Helmets this again looks like a really nice version. Again 100% own sculpt.
Below, Edu from Spain has sent me these pics of his custom made Commander Baccara Helmet

Again, Ed's done this completely from a custom made sculpt.

Chris C has sent me some photos of his great custom-built Commander Baccara

And below some close-ups of the helmet.....

And below of Chris at Comic Con in San Diego this year (06)

Below, James G has sent me these great shots of his Clone Trooper variant, which is essentially a "SnowClone".

Again based on the Java Monkey helmet its been modified to suit the necessities of the snowy inclement weather

Here's a great action shot taken by the guys at The Dented Helmet.

Commander Neyo

This is anther fan-made beauty, this time from Dan in Chicago. Dan's constructed an Ep-3 Commander Neyo for Celebration-3 and  spent approximately 3 months sculpting the moulds in order to fit his 250lb frame.

Just prior to starting the helmet (which was the last of the moulds to be completed) Dan managed to get hold of the RotS Visual Dictionary.  After thumbing through the pics, he was struck by the small pic of the impressive looking Commander Neyo.  

Running short on time, and reference photos, he "punted" and sculpted the face plate (based off the Keloggs) directly from plaster.  All the armor is vac-formed from either 3mm sentra, or .125 ABS.

I'm sure you'll agree this is a superb example of the illusive Commander Neyo costume.

Above and below, four photos of regular contributor Skygunbro's Commander Neyo helmet.

As with all of SGB's work its a really cool and well made helmet kit. In addition its great to see prop makers tackling the lesser known characters. With Master Replicas dropping out of the SW market its going to be highly unlikely we'll ever see licensed helmets like this so its great that the fans are able to bridge the gap.

SGB's also produced a Commander Fordo, from the Clone wars cartoon series, which you can see on the AotC/Expanded Universe page.

Continuing with SkyGunBro, another great helmet, this time his Galactic Marine helmet.

You can just make him out in the movie but he's probably better known from the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game. SGB should  be applauded for doing the less-well known characters, and the Galactic Marine is another great example of this. You'll see a number of his helmets on this page as well as the AotC Clone page here.

And finally, PGH Fett's superb Clone Scout Helmet, which was the Revenge of the Sith forerunner to the Biker Scout helmets seen in Return of the Jedi. I understand this is an entirely bespoke sculpt by PGH Fett - he's NOT used one of the Don Post Scout helmets as his base. Even more impressive!

The Clone Scout Troopers were seen in the movie during a couple of scenes on Kashykk. As with the vast majority of Helmets from RotC and RotS, they were entirely digitally created and visualised so there's no "real" helmet to compare them against.

So PGH Fett has done a really great job in creating this helmet from so little source material, and the detail and weathering he's done have given it that real world look.

Finally a shot from the rear again show off the close similarities with the RotJ Biker Scout helmet.

Below some shots from "Mr Bungle" of his BARC Trooper Helmet from Revenge of the Sith

Again, really impressive work - well done.

Below, yet another Clone derivative from Sky Gun Bro, this time the AT-TE Driver

This one's a very neat idea - its actually a AT-TE Gunner dome, which SGB's designed and sculpted to retrofit on top of an existing MR or OSCS Clonetrooper helmet!

This is a really cool idea since it fits just like the Gentle Giant add on for the mini Clone busts.


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