Fan-Made Darth Vader Helmets
ANH - very low volume or one-off's 

This page features ANH Vader helmets which have not been produced in any sort off numbers and in the case of the first two below may have actually been a "run" of just one.


Update March 3 2006 - two years down the line and some new great shots of this wonderful replica helmet. This is the replica most prop fans believe to be the most accurate replica ever made. Note that this was a ONE-OFF so the rest of us will have to satisfy ourselves with pictures!

Apparently cast off an original ANH helmet, the finish is much rougher than most would expect, you can see the bumps and blemishes in the fiberglass. Wonderful!

Below - a dead on shot showing the asymmetrical beauty of the original helmet. Note how far the l;eft hand side of the dome just out (Vader's right) compared to the other. Irrespective of whether "it was not supposed to be like that in the REAL Star Wars Universe", that's what it DID look like on-screen and why IMO I really dislike it when original helmet designs are sanitised. Great to see how this helmet reflects the asymmetrical beauty of the original.

Below, as an example of how "wonky" the original helmet was, just take the above photo and flip it. The difference is huge. It just doesn't look right. Looking at it from this perspective not only does the dome look strange, but also the irregularity of the mouth grill. The helmet looks completely different!

Below, back onto the "proper" pics. This one just has ANH all over it

The paint finish on this helmet is just perfect. Like the original, it appears that the silver highlights were done by hand (remember on the original this was a late addition to the look of Vader, since originally it was all-black). In addition the curvature of the eye lenses are just perfect. Many replicas give Vader too bulbous eyes (more like the original RotJ Vader).

...and below the final (new) shot

oh and just as an indication of how accurate this helmet is, a comparison against the original ANH helmet. Note that I've added a bit of blur, contrast change and added the eye reflection. Looks pretty darn close to me!

Jan '04 - Previous shots of what is probably the very best ANH Vader helmet produced. It's owned by a RPF board member and is a strict one-off (so no casts unfortunately). However at least there are these great photographs to show off

Its a direct pull from LFL moulds and as you can see its absolutely superb. The edges are sharp and the dome flare looks perfect.

It has also been painted by its owner using gloss black and silver car paint in a can from PEP BOYS. 

He's added three layers of screen in the mouth just to give it more of a "grill" look too

...and finally below a comparison shot. Wonderful! Cheers to the RPF'er and Chris for the pics

I've just received two more pics of this wonderful helmet so couldn't resist posting them

....absolutely magnificent!

Gino ANH Vader - one off

Another really impressive looking ANH helmet, and another one-off. This time its Gino's lifesize he's currently working on, with had painted detailing.

Above a close-up of the face and blow a longer shot showing his overall progress so far. Looks really superb and tempts me into looking at doing a full size Vader again.

ANH Original - Recast

I've received these photo's from Arthur Hall of his prize possession. He purchased it 1993 from an auction house in LA and it came complete with a full set of papers detailing its prominence (although some documents from Lucasfilm never came thorough. 

The auction described it as a pull from the original mould used in the Star Wars - ANH and it was originally dressed up and auctioned for charity. Whether this is correct or not has not been substantiated and it could possibly have been cast from a mould taken from an original helmet (or descendent thereof)

The overall appearance of the helmet is sharp although it may well be that this has been dulled slightly by the painting which appears to been over-applied. Arthur says that the detailing isn't authentic (ie. mouth tips and visor) but he believes that everything else is.

However as you can see from these images it is a very impressive helmet and one which I am sure Arthur is very pleased to own.

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