Fan Made Darth Vader Replica Helmets and Costumes from Star Wars - A New Hope

This page is starting to get REALLY big so I've split it into TWO separate sections. This one contains helmets produced in some form of quantity, whereas you need to following the link below for a page showing a couple of one-off original helmet pulls.

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Ghost Host ANH


 The GH Vader helmet has a clear line to the original screen-used ANH helmet and always looks impressive when photgraphed.....

As you can see its in immaculate condition. Its never been put in harms way at all and has lived its life with me at "Star Wars Helmets" behind glass in a absolute non-smoking environment. It was sold to me about 7 or so years ago by the original maker Steve (Ghost Host) a number of years ago and was professionally painted in the screen-accurate 2-tone paint scheme by one of the most respected US Vader painters in the field, then shipped to the UK where I've been the sole owner.

I cannot stress enough that this is is 100% perfect condition, no scratches marks or blemishes. If you can see any marks then its just dust. As with all accurate Vader helmets it can be worn and would just require a leather back strap and some soft face padding.

It has the correct machined aluminium tusks as well as the equally correct mouth grills. The inside of the dome has a attachment that holds the faceplate in the correct position, this again was provided by Ghost Host. I don't think many had this additional feature. The faceplate is held securely in place with 3 large strips of industrial Velcro

Below a close-up of the face plate so you ca see the fantastic sharpness and detail. Any marks are just dust - this really is in absolutely perfect condition.

Most people see the Ghost Host ANH helmet as one of the best ANH helmet overall and looking at the images below its difficult to disagree with that. These shots below are from  CKing of his  helmet and you can bet that he's chuffed to bits!!! 

Waaaaay back in early 1977, a screen-used suit was provided to a small crew of mold makers at Don Post's studio with the sole purpose of making 13 duplicate sets of armor for an autograph promotion tour to be timed with the general release of Star Wars. That screen-used suit was never returned and ended up in the hands of a private collector. This prop maker worked with one of those original Don Post crew members for a period during the early 90's, and was therefore able to source an entire set of armor and some molds. This, combined with a huge amount of detailed information and photos of the suit, allowed the prop-maker to put the following together. 

I'm sort of running out of superlatives to throw at this helmet as it really is so impressive. Created as part of a very short run from Ghost Host, this particular helmet has ironically been finished (painted and tusks, grills and lenses added) by JB (see lower down page).

This really is an awesome helmet and so I thought it worth doing a comparison against a JB helmet, in advance of hopefully getting the two helmets together sometime in the not too distant future...

....above and below a couple of comparison shot with the JB left, and Ghost Host right

Below, Thomas has put this comparison "transition" which shows (from top left to bottom right) a slow fade from the Ghost Host helmet to the Screen-used helmet as per the scene on the Tantive IV. Now I don't think ANYONE'S ever going to get this helmet to look 100% exactly like the scene in the film as I believe the effects of a combination of the lens used, along with potential anamorphic distortion and  probably a couple of filters have adjusted the "actual" look of the helmet. Certainly photographs taken at the time appear to differ from film cells so I can only think its effectively lens distortion.

Now this is absolutely awesome. It's CKing's completed ANH Vader Statue which incorporates  a Ghost Host helmet and armor and can only be described as bloody amazing!

Below, these next two stunning shots from Chris King of his ANH Lifesize show off his unique Tantive IV helmet which is a combination of two helmets, the dome of a GH combined with a JB ESB Face (20th Century?) and looks absolutely superb.

This Black and White shot below looks extremely convincing.

Above a photo of the side view showing the clean sweep on the dome away from the face, and on the right three images of the upper armour, again cast from an original set.

Below (Sept 06), I managed to get hold of one of these wonderful helmets off a mate of mine, and another good friend painted it up for me and all I can say is "WOW"

Above and below, not much to add really, maybe another "WOW!"

Below, I decided to do a couple of moody black and white photos. The finish on this helmet is absolutely wonderful, the paint job is awesome and the tusks, lenses and grills are 100%



Update December 2008 - BUYER BEWARE - There are still a number of people who have ordered from this vendor, some over a YEAR ago who have not received their helmets. You have been warned!!!!

Here are some shots of the ANH Vader produced by JB, a well-known Canadian prop-maker. Update December 2005 -  Note that there is a "buyer beware" warning on this supplier on the Replica Prop Forum as apparently there are people who ordered their helmets in 2003 and STILL have not yet received them! Update September 2006 - The business  partner of JB has written to me to tell me that all back orders are now complete, however of course I cannot verify this and to be fair some people DID wait 3 years!


This helmet looks fantastic with its movie-accurate matt finish and red lenses. The face looks like a derivative of a Fiberdyne but the dome is certainly a recast Ghost Host.

...and below a comparison shot from Chris King clearly showing its accuracy against an original frame.

I think you'll agree it looks absolutely stunning. Two new images have also been added which really show of the satin finish (less glossy) dome.

 as you can see its a very impressive looking helmet, shame he had to recast another propmakers (Ghost Host's) dome!

I took these shots on a dull overcast day they show off the helmet well.

Its an extremely well-constructed helmet and the painting is also top-drawer. The helmets only came with resin tusks so many fitted Aluminium in place.

Above in B/W with a bit of film grain to give it a more screen-like appearance.

Go here for a comparison of this against the 20thC ESB 

Go Here for a new 3D rotating view of this helmet

Very impressive helmet. here are photos from JimboBond. Though they will normally be finished by the prop maker (JB), this particular one has been finished and painted here in the UK. 

 And another shot below from JimboBond - Most Impressive! (more pics here) (note "JB" is no relation to JimboBond btw.)

Here are some interesting shots taken by Kanji. The four immediately below are of his new JB Helmet, received in November (2003). Many who ordered i 2003 has still to receive theirs!!!!

Below is the same JB Face with a GH dome

Update: - I've added a new page featuring a couple of JB derivatives here:

VaderMaker ANH Helmet

Above is image courtesy of the late VaderMaker of his ANH Vader project. This is typical, you wait for a decent ANH Vader and then like buses you get two coming along at the same time! The photo above is especially good with the screen-accurate shoulder armour .This VM01 helmet is another fine example of the ANH look - dark, moody and mean! Excellent Helmet!

Below, I've just received these images from Carl who understandably wanted to show off his new VM01 ANH Helmet - Excellent!!!

...and below a couple of nice shot from Tristan of his (now sold) VM Ver 1 ANH Helmet.
Click Here for some more photos of the older Vadermaker Darth Vader Helmet

Scratch recently sent me these pics of his excellent VaderMaker VM2 helmet.

The version 2 of this helmet came out a year or so after the Version 1, and was based around the 20th Century facemask with a different dome.

And below, Scratch's complete life-size ANH Vader. Most impressive!

Fibredyne ANH

Above and below are images of the Fibredyne ANH, believed to have been moulded from an original helmet. this particular one is owned by Mellow13 and has a really nice finish. Note the tell-tale bumps above the centre of the eye brows.

SS Props (Italy) ANH Vader

These guys have taken an interesting approach to producing their Vader helmet. They've actually taken the Don Post Deluxe ESB Style helmet (and dome) and turned it into an ANH

Looking at the dome, apart from the obvious addition of the widows peak, they've also considerably lengthened the dome itself (the Don Post was for some reason reduced by the prop makers)

In fact you can see from the shot below just how much longer the dome now is as they've tried to emulate the ANH Vader look. They've also correctly copied the two-colour tusks, and all that's left is maybe to slightly "dampen" down the helmet and dome such that its not quite so reflective. On the set of ANH in 1976 its likely they used a damping spray often used in photography studios to reduce glare.

Its another great looking helmet and looks to be very sharp. Latter DP Deluxes suffered from a chin droop but that doesn't seem to be the case here, suggesting they eiter corrected it or used a lower numbered helmet as the source. Note that SS Props are based in Italy and have also done a number of other great SW projects including a Work-in-Progress Boba Fett costume, as well as more recently a complete Snowtrooper costume here.


Miscellaneous Lifesizes

Kraig/Yakcam has sent me these excellent shots of his Vader and Stormtroopers.

These composite photos Kraig's done are just too damn cool. The Vader is a mix of helmets/armour from a number of sources. The Stormtroopers are actually an AA/SDS Helmet and a CRProps, along with some standard FX Armor.

Below are a couple of shots without the background (added later)

and finally a colour shot

If they aren't cool enough already - they also talk as they've got speakers built into their heads. Kraig, if you got a few grand spare I recon you should animate them! Brilliant!

Here's another couple of really impressive shots of a complete ANH Vader. This one from SithLord and I'll think you'll agree it looks awesome!

The parts come from a number of sources. Looking specifically at the helmet its a mixture of 20th Century faceplate and GH dome - a superb combination.

Also below here's a really great pic of Als superb ANH Vader, looking very moody in Black & White.....


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