JB Vader One-Off's and Prototypes

JB's just sent me (Jan 04) these shots of some work he's been doing on his Vader helmets, both the ANH and ESB's versions. Note that these are on-off's and not being produced in numbers. However they are still interesting projects.

Update December 2008 - BUYER BEWARE - There are still a number of people who have ordered from this vendor, some over a YEAR ago who have not received their helmets. You have been warned!!!!

JB ANH Version 2

The JB ANH v2 is a one-off to test a helmet theory, that a second helmet with a slightly different (e.g. longer) dome was used in certain sections of the movie. Chris Kings theory is that the ANH and ESB faces are more similar than many believe and taking two very similar shots from ANH and ESB has transposed the domes.  This backed up my belief that the 20th Century ESB face was probably one of the original ANH faces and a pointer to this is the 3 vertical old connection strips still visible on the top of the 20thC face (for more pics of that go here). Anyway I digress so on with the story............
Here are the two pics Chris found (ANH and ESB) taken at almost exactly the same angle.

So if we take the dome of the ANH helmet on the left, and "place" it on the ESB face on the right...

...whatever way you look at it you've got a damn close match. So now on the left its the same ANH, but on the right an ESB face with ANH dome and therefore apart from a couple of minor differences (such as the lack of widows peak and a larger lower grill) imo they look identical. Nice one Chris!

Taking his one stage further, Chris and JB decided to recreate this helmet using an existing ESB face (20th Century) along with an ANH dome from another provider, with very interesting results.....

Below a comparison shot against an original film-used helmet showing the similarities.

Note that this is NOT the helmet many of us have been waiting for from JB, but as mentioned previously this is an ESB face with an ANH dome from another provider.

Regarding the standard "JB ANH Helmet", I understand that he's now going through the outstanding orders following a number of problems with the project. These new helmets will be going out with a slightly revised dome but its not the one above. Apologies for the confusion!. As soon as I have pics I'll post them on this site.

JB ESB Prototype

He's also been working on an ESB and here are some early pics. These test shots give a good indication of what the final helmet will look like, although you have to ignore the dull paint effect which will be later replaced with an ESB screen-accurate glossy finish. Again the face is a 20th Century and the dome probably an adapted recast Ghost Host.

These three images above and below make the dome appear to look quite tall. As with his ANH helmet the facial features are very sharp.

It will be interesting to see the final version with the correct screen-accurate glossy finish.