Alien Encounter -

UK National Space Centre Event

June 17th & 18th 2006


The UK National Space Centre ran a Sci-Fi Movie week-end where the centre-piece was an Aliens display and "Alien Encounter" walk-through attraction which I am pleased to say was a HUGE success, working like a cut-down "Alien War". A team of us including Harry Harris, who worked on the original Alien War attraction,  worked with the NSC to bring this charity event together, raising a few thousand pounds in the process.

The UK Garrison provided a host of other Sci-Fi Movie characters, prop displays and what emerged was an excellent fun day for all the family, generating lots of cash for a number of Children's charities including "Make a Wish Foundation" and the "National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children"

Above, looks like the Marines have spied something.........

Guess what was lurking the other side of the air lock!

The tea are working on a video of the day which will hopefully be shown on the Sci-Fi channel, but in the meantime check out the trailer I put together to advertise the day...
For the video teaser click here

Here are some pics from the promo photo shoot featuring yours truly as the Xenomorph and Marc and Tony as the soon-to-be Alien-chow! Marc's wearing the ACTUAL screen-used Armor and helmet worn by Hudson (played by Bill Paxton) in Aliens, more pics of Hudson's Original Armor here.  For the Alien build tutorial go here.
Note that all pics from this point copyright and courtesy of Photographer Stuart Hollis except the group shots

"Blast him, blast him, uuuuuuhhhhhuuuuuummmmmppppphhh", "Damn, my gun's jammed!"


Tony's armour is (I think - correct me if I'm wrong) Spatz Armor which he's custom painted himself, with a rather nice Resin Blaster which again has come from a kit.

This really was a superb event and I'm glad to say we scared the bejeesus out of a lot of (willing) punters. All the poroceeds went to charity so it was a well worthy event.

Finally some more pics..........


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