Episode III - Return of the Sith 
Clone Troopers

Thanks to Vader 71 for sending us these photos of the Ep3 Clone Troopers

Below,  some shots featured elsewhere on this site of the lifesize statue done by Gentle Giant and shown at the 2004 Comic-Con - thanks to Philip at Rebelscum for these pics.

Here's some great new photos from the upcoming Revenge of the Sith Visual Dictionary from DK. I think this is a book that all SW fans are going to want to buy. Thanks to Probedroid for the pics.

First up, one of the Elite Clones (the binoc's drop down into place). Essentially the Elites were clones with enhanced programming and extra training (and some cool new outfits too!). MANY THANKS to Jediwannabe for sending us a number of these high quality images - thanks for sharing!

Next up a Specialist Green Clonetrooper and he's running straight at us!

Next an all-white (standard) Jobbie

This one below is interesting. One of the Clone Pilot you can see how these guys helmets will evolve into both the Rebel X-Wing and Imperial TIE Pilot helmets. Blow that a shot from the movie

Below an interesting one, Clone Commander Neyo. His helmet is a cross between one of Ralph McQuarries original Boba Fett designs, combined with the lower jaw of a ANH-style Stormtrooper. His markings are those af an Arc Trooper. Looks damn cool!

and also thanks to Alex for sending this Shock Trooper

...and below a couple of shots from the Movie.

Below, a super sharp blow up of the Red Trooper (with Binocs), you can even make out the grills in the mic tips! Ah the Beauty of CG files.

Blow a close up of the special ops trooper (the one MR produced)

Above and below, more great shots from Jediwannabe.

Below a full shot of the Blue Special Ops trooper

Below, some great shots the the movie

And finally a higher resolution shot of Green

Below, Matthew has sent me some cool shots, including this below of Commander Baccara

and below a Marine (as seen in the new Battlefront 2 game and fleetingly in RotS)

Below, shots of Commander Cody (left) and Commander Bly.
and below another couple of Commander Cody from the Movie.

Below, Commander Bly and one of his squad (327th Star Corps)

..and below another shot of Commander Deviss. I'm not sure who is on the right Commander Gree?
Finally couple of Imperial Dogtroopers on Kashykk. Sorry they're actually called Clone Scout Troopers. But they do look like Dogs!

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