GH ANH Vader Comparisons

Regular contributor Thomas has put together the following comparison which I think you'll agree effectively shows the similarities between the GH and screen-used helmets.


Tomas writes: "Here's a montage dealing with the ANH helmet. I found that the ESB movie poster image (C) was actually an ANH helmet and that it was similar to the GH ANH (A). Also, the "wonky helmet Vader" UK 1978 publicity shot (see "Real" Vader section) (B) is almost identical to the GH ANH (including the nose!) but the dome is much bigger, unlike the ESB poster helmet." 

Below, more of the same. This one trying to get at the different Vader helmets used on-screen in ANH, and a comparison with the GH. My understanding was that there were TWO slightly different designs used in filming. B,E and I are GH helmets, the rest are film or 1977/78 publicity shots

He continues: "I'm still trying to figure out whether A, C and D are different helmets or not....it's tough to tell when the vertical angles are slightly different...makes the cheekbones look different...H/I/J look the same, but G is different from H/I/J and similar to F!"


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