Replica AT-AT Driver Helmet's

As you may have already read elsewhere on this site, StarWarsHelmets made a BIG discovery a few years back when we managed to get hold of an original screen-used AT-AT Driver Helmet from The Empire Strikes Back.

The All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) or "Walker" Driver helmets are very similar to the TIE helmets and were seen in ESB during the Imperial assault on the Rebel Alliance Hoth base.

See the review in this section but the biggest discovery was that these helmets were in fact painted Grey and not white - the key reason for  fan-error being a series of overexposed photographs where the helmet/armour looked white - and so for years a glut of replica toy's (like the Kenner figures) all showed white.

Here's a comparison against an old work in progress white AT-AT helmet and you can see that the difference is absolutely HUGE. So check out this new page for lots more shots of the Original AT-AT Helmet

Below are some shots of my  WIP AT-AT Helmet, now re-painted in a light grey as opposed to white.

I've added a number of shots taken in different lighting conditions as well as exposure settings on the camera to try and give you an idea of how the light grey colour reacts.

Above and below were both taken inside under spotlights, with the exposure cracked back -4 stops above and -2 below - i.e. they're both underexposed.

Finally for now the final photo where the exposure hasn't been adjusted and as you can see the helmet now looks almost white. Whether Lucas actually intended the helmet to be perceived as white on-screen - and merely used grey as a contrasting colour in a brightly lit cock-pit scene, is not clear.

Note that this particular replica is an SDS TIE which I've resprayed, and used parts from a number of sources including Dan Laws (who's also kindly sending me a better Mohawk). Its a work in progress so still needs some work on it but I'm really pleased with the overall colour.

Laws Archive AT-AT

These next batch of photos are all from Sergiu - who by all accounts is an AT-AT obsessive with multiple Walker Driver helmets, armour parts and assorted memorabilia - as demonstrated in the following photo

Covering his bases on the left he has an all-white (as they appeared to many on-screen) Laws helmet and full armour set, while on the right and below, a grey (as they really were) Laws Helmet. In our opinion the grey version really looks exceptional and captures the look of the original helmet really well. A review of the Original screen-used AT-AT Helmet can be found here, with YouTube video review here.

Both helmet have been completed to the same exacting standards with forehead clock parts/greeblies, tape buttons, machined metal tusks and side hangers.

Both helmets are the new Laws AT-AT Driver kids which feature a more accurate faceplate and improved clock greeblies. For his bust he used one of the TIE busts produced by Shepperton Design Studios.

The Laws kit is great as it now comes with the half moons that sit under the tusks, and also much improved BOC holder interiors  - the black side hangers originally found parts that were used to screw CO2 bulbs into household Soda Water makers (my Mum used to have one - they were a 60's/70's thing!).

Looking at the rear armour panel you can see all the really detailed stuff that comes with the Laws kit - and Sergiu has also gone that extra mile by adding the magnifier box to the top right centre on the panel (the circle) 

In order to make this bust as accurate as possible, Sergiu also upgraded his hoses with ones produced by MonCal.

Above a great close up of the face showing the detailing and below a side show showing canister detail as well as the wring inside the black side hangers.

..and a close up of one of the rear canisters and pill box. Superb detailing!

Below, as you probably already know, for the original costumes the two screen-used AT-AT Driver's were really just reworked TIE Pilots. The TIE helmet and armour parts were sprayed grey (scratch the surface and the original TIE black shows through) and a few extra parts were added like shoulder bells and additional helmet and chest box detailing.

What Sergiu has done with his though is excellent. As we've said before the Laws AT-AT is excellent, but what makes Sergiu's so special are those little extra things that further ramp up the accuracy. Of course to us the big issue is the colour, but we understand why so many still opt for white since (thanks to Kenner) that's the colour moat people still see an AT-AT Driver as.

Below a great shot of Sergiu's Shepperton Design Studios TIE Pilot on the left, with his Laws AT-AT Driver on the right.

Below, this is a 2006 made Helmet and Armor combo from the "Laws Archive" stable. Like the TIE Pilot its a remarkable reproduction of the ESB prop.

These two photos above and below are slightly updated 2006 versions, I'll be adding more again soon.

Below, shots of the previous 2004 versions. Note that these were previously referred to as the "Anon" AT-AT and TIE.

The detailing both on the Helmet, Chest Box and Armor is fabulous

These three pictures above and below are courtesy of Lord Sandy. A somewhat fortunate fellow as he amongst his extensive collection has both the "Laws Archive" ATAT and TIE Helmets/Armor

 Above Original ESB Prop

"LA" copy

A great amount of time and effort goes into these, but its the detailing that makes it look so darn impressive. The face plate looks to be a standard Stormtrooper "Stunt" face, with the top and back based on the US Navy APH-6 (someone please correct me on this if I'm wrong)

Finally a couple of shots showing the helmet and chestbox, along with the front and rear chest Armor


Jason's sent us some shots of his new prize possession, another excellent LA AT-AT Driver helmet

These photos are really good at showing off the detail in the Helmet and Chest box. We really do like those shoulder bells too!

This really is excellent and one helmet we would certainly love to have. We think we need to start saving up!

Goldenarmor ATAT

Goldenarmor seems to be in the habit of producing some very nice kits and his AT-AT Walker Pilot seems to be another great example of this. Build 1:1 scale to the original its HUUUUGE!

Richies Armor ATAT

Rigormortis from the RPF sent us this pic of his AT-AT Helmet. This one made for a Richies Armor kit, who are well known for their excellent Rebel Pilot Helmet - Nice job!



Above, three excellent helmets (AT-AT, Tusken and Tie) all built by Hannon

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