Star Wars Celebration Day
16th May 2005, UK RotS Premiere - London

WOW! - Just Wow. - was this really that long ago?

George Lucas said at the UK Premiere "Star Wars was coming home" and he was right. Although Cannes managed to sneak its showing in a day before London, there's  no doubt where the real Premiere was.

Fox and Lucasfilm's "Star Wars Celebration Day" was just that. From 6:00am to 9:00pm the whole of Leicester Square, in the very centre of London, was turned into a little part of the Star Wars universe. A day long schedule of events were staged including guest speakers, the London Philharmonic Orchestra and of course in the evening the Gala Premiere itself.

In addition the UK Garrison with over 80 costumed characters (including yours truly) were invited to patrol the London Streets to ensure "order was maintained". Well not only was this done but a whole lot of fun happened as well. I was so thrilled to be a part of it and it was by far and away the best Star Wars event I've ever attended. Kudos the the people at Lucasfilm and Fox for organising this great event and not least to the heads of the UK Garrison for their excellent execution.

Unless otherwise stated, the photos on this page are all courtesy Gary Sheriston, the UKG's official photographer. Many thanks to Gary for the use of these superb photos - for more information on Gary's work please visit his photo site 

An early start at 5:00 am, but it wasn't quiet for long......
The UK Garrison patrolled the London Streets - order WAS maintained.
....despite the presence of some Jedi Scum, and a certain Bounty Hunter........
The London Philharmonic played the Music of the Star Wars Saga against a backdrop of scenes from all the movies - it was stunning.
And guest speakers like Christopher Lee answered questions from the crowd
...and all the time the UKG kept the peace.
The event received FANTASTIC press in the UK Media, including a front page in the London Evening Standard as well as big features in The Sun, The Times, Telegraph, Guardian etc. etc.
BTW that's ME being snapped by the press coming out of a phone box! Media Tart - Moi? There were also lots on TV interviews including BBC and ITV News, Ch4, Ch5 as well as E! Entertainment.

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A better shot of me coming out the phone box.  A BIG thanks to Nick from the UK Garrison for his photo's.
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This following block of photos is also from Nick. For more of Nicks excellent photos go to http://www.oldphotos4life.co.uk/swiii/index.htm
Above - Steve Sansweet from Lucasfilm gets to meet the UK Garrison!!!!
"Who you lookin' at?"
Above, this is what we do to E! Entertainment News Presenters - I think he liked it!
See - Stormtroopers can be good guys too
An ATAT Driver looks menacingly at the camera.
ITV News Presenter flanked by the UKG. The gun in his shoulder helps insure the Empire receives complementary yet clearly unbiased reporting!
On the move through central London.
Above, this guy REALLY got in character - I hope!

Below, more Jedi Scum causing trouble.........(and more shots from Gary)

..but any trouble makers were escorted away from the even!
George certainly seemed happy at first - but then decided to lay into one of the troopers!
All in good fun of course.
The Awesome arrival of Vader and his troops for the Premiere. Cyberant's front right and I'm behind him breaking ranks, about to shoot a rowdy photographer!
The UK Garrison TOTALLY ruled the streets for the day - as this London Bobby found out!
Above, Rick McCallum, Peter Mayhew, Ian McDiarmid, Even McGregor and George Lucas, With Hayden Christensen below.
Above and below - the two faces of evil!
...and the guy who got to say the very first and the very last words in the Saga, C-3PO himself - Anthony Daniels, "Oh No!".
There were a number of celebs there as well including Mc Fly, The Bedingfields and Chris Moiles  Radio 1 DJ - all Star Wars fans.
It really was a BRILLIANT day!