Cameron Oakley (Aus)

Known for his RotJ Trooper helmets, Cameron Oakley, working out of Australia produced some fine looking helmets struck from a mould made from an original movie helmet. Although he'd recently done some ABS helmets, his original fiberglass look the more impressive as they are clearly sharper. Cameron's helmet is one of the best RotJ helmet available, a more streamlined helmet that the ANH or ESB due to the recasting process employed on the film-used helmets.

First up a recent (2009) photo from Sarah of her Oakley RotJ Stormtrooper Helmet - this is a really good photo as it shows off the detail of this helmet really well.

Above is Justin's really impressive RotJ copy, an early Cameron Oakley helmet. Oakley was one of the first to produce accurate Stormtrooper helmets, producing casts from moulds made from ANH and as in this case a RotJ original. Notice that the "ear" pieces are moulded as part of the overall design, rather than separate pieces.

Justin (Eddie Vader) has just sent me the following photo's of his Fiberglass Oakley, and both the photo's and the helmet itself are really impressive. The RotJ Stormtrooper had a much softer "droopy-dog" eye look about it than the ANH/ESB and these shots certainly reflect that.
As previously mentioned the ear pieces are cast as part of the overall helmet shape, and clearly as its made of fiberglass there's not the same production issues associated with ABS (such as the problematic single "swoop" of the top/back original ANH helmets from temple to nape of the neck.
The edges on the helmet, apparent under the eyes and in the tears are very soft, but then as you'll see lower down the page, the original RotJ helmets too were considerably softer than the ANH's.
Nice front on view and close up showing the rounded mouth, and what looks like some nice looking mic tips. On the ANH/RotJ's the black brow trim was used to hide the line between the front face plate and the top/back of the helmet. Obviously as a single fiberglass cast it's just been stuck on where the join would have been.
Above, as you can see Justin's done a really excellent job with this, and this is evident when you compare it with one of the film used props from the Lucasfilm archive (above right), the photo taken in the early eighties.

Below is an equally excellent looking Oakley ROTJ, sporting the all-black frown. Below right is another fiberglass Cameron Oakley showing the ANH Sandtrooper look, this one finished by Steve the Swede

As mentioned earlier CO also produced some ABS helmets in very small numbers, although they were not as sharp as his fiberglass helmets. 


Below some great new shots from Tim/Halo of his excellent Fiberglass Cam Oakley ANH, which has had a huge amount of work on it but now really does look very extremely good.

The helmet came in 3 separate untreated Fiberglass pieces; the 2 ear pieces and the helm itself which unlike other designs is a SINGLE PIECE. Tim continues:

My fiberglasser cut out the entire face plate and realigned it a little more to the front (the left side face plate looks like it had been punched in by a Wookiee). 
The step which was supposed to be covered by the ear pieces was sanded down and is more 'streamlined'. Seeing as how Oakley used both Resin and Fiberglass, the entire helm now is A LOT heavier after being treated.
It is still a one piece helm so having the brow trim stuck on is a major pain as the dbl sided tape doesn't seem to hold the rubber trim very well (remember there isn't a slit like on most helmets as its a single piece design). 
I had the frown holes widened and the eye holes cut bigger. I'm using flat green lenses, wire mesh for the mouth piece and Keith's mic tips instead of the supplied tap washers.

Below are some great new photo I've received from Tobias from Sweden of his excellent Fiberglass ANH helmet which he's made up in the ESB styling.

As you can see he really has done an excellent job of this and if you look closely you'll see that Tobias has copied the look exactly on the original ESB helmet sold by John Mollo recently, using the photo's featured in the Real/Stormtrooper section.
Tobias adds: "There are no decals on the helmet, they are all hand painted. the blue lines on the cheek tubes, the black lines on the back of the head and the "tear drops" are all PVC electrical tape"

"The eye brow is something I found in a car-part shop and the mic tip I made myself. I think that was the hardest part to make on the whole helmet.

Well I have to say that it is an excellent helmet and Tobias has done a superb job on it!

...and below 3 shots of Moogybaby's excellent RotJ CO helmet with it thin ears and droopy-dog frown!

he decals on the side (which may actually be painted) look a little too blue, but that aside its a great looking helmet which has been well finished.

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