E-FX Collectibles Clone Trooper
Helmet (AotC) Limited Edition

15th October 2008 - New Video Review added - click here.

2nd October 2008 - Today we received the new e-FX Clonetrooper helmet from Attack of the Clones - and we are most certainly impressed! We managed to snap off a few photo's but will take a few more over the weekend in natural day-light. More later but this literally just dropped a few hours ago. Many thanks to the guys at e-FX for sending us this review helmet.

Following on from the Master Replicas Episode III Clone Trooper, e-FX's Episode II has exactly the same build composition and quality - Its precisely what we expected and we've not been disappointed.  The finish is superb and it has a high-gloss lustre.

Therefore as with Mr and e-F's previous lids, this too is made out of fiberglass and is substantial to hold. Put it on your head and it's velour-lined interior gives it the feel of a "real" helmet - although of course we all know that in the Prequel Trilogy, the Clone helmets never existed outside of the CG universe.

e-FX's new line sit well and compliment Master Replicas' range of helmets, and like the e-FX Stormtrooper, the Clone comes with an impressive stand and brushed metal plaque.

at one stage there was talk of a separate "neck ring" to go under the base of the helmet, but for whatever reason this hasn't happened. However when on display it isn't really noticeable, and it complements the MR RotS Clone helmet well.

A nice feature of this helmet is the rear LED, powered by a couple of AAA batteries housed in a small battery box on the inside roof of the helmet. Though there's nothing particularly remarkable about an shiny light its still nice that the guys at e-FX added it to their helmet -where many others would have just placed a decal!

Not sure if we're going to see coloured derivatives of these as MR did (probably too many times) with the Episode III clone, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a couple

Below a close-up of the frown, no added parts here just the fiberglass detailing.

I'm presuming that e-FX based their designs on the Lucasfilm digital files, so this should be as accurate as possible. Size wise its a similar size to the MR RotS Clone and I'll take some shots over the week-end when the lights better so we can compare the two.

So, how to finish? Well if you already seen the Master Replicas Clone helmets, or e-FX's Stormtrooper helmet for that matter - then you should know what to expect. Its a slick, extremely well-made collectible that looks as good from 3 inches as it does from 3 yards. And that's something you cant always rely on with prop replicas. From our initial examination it's an accurate rendition of the Episode 2 Clone, although there may have been compromises in turning what was a CG-only model into its real-world physical equivalent. However whatever they've done - we like it!

..and  below, here's a really great photo courtesy of Philip at Rebelscum of the e-fx AotC Clone Trooper next to the Master Replicas RotS Clone Trooper, both of course made by the same team.

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Engineering Prototype

Here are the first shots of the engineering prototype Clonetrooper Helmet - direct from the San Diego Comic Convention. Many thanks to the guys at Rebelscum, Sir Steve's Guide and  Star Wars Action News for the photos of this, the McQuarrie Vader and Sideshow's General Grievous.

Well our initial reaction from these photos is that it looks great. Since the build is likely to be exactly the same as the e-FX Stormtrooper helmet, it's going to be a quality-made fiberglass collectible.

Production-wise e-FX is expected to make about one thousand of them, and in all likelihood there will be colour derivatives. A weathered yellow would be nice!

Although there aren't shots of the underneath of the helmet, its likely its going to have a large opening, just like the Master Replicas RotS Clone helmet. It therefore wont encapsulate the head like the "original" helmets did -although remember that all the Clones featured in AotC were purely CG-only hence no actual helmets were made. The realities of making a physical rendition of a computer-only source means that there has to be some compromises.

Below a nice shot of that wicked tail fin, which I understand will have red blinking LED's.

More of this as soon as I can. Again thanks to Rebelscum, Sir Steve's Guide and  Star Wars Action News for the photos.

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