E-FX Collectibles Clone Captain Helmet (AotC)
Star Wars Shop Exclusive

Feb 09 - Currently available from Star Wars Shop (shop.starwars.com) is the exclusive e-fx Clone Captain helmet from Attack of the Clones. Though essentially just a repaint/visor change from the all-white helmet e-fx produced at the end of last year, it's nonetheless a great collectible since only 400 will be made. Its available now via SWS for $430.

Note that e-fx contacted me in January to say that in order to help out international customers (i.e. non-US), e-fx will be selling JUST 50 of these itself, since Star Wars Shop is US/Canada only. To order you need to send and email to redclone@efxcollectibles.com  with your name and address info (which can NOT be in the USA). I recon this is a really great move by e-fx to help out those of us helmet-fans based out side of the USA. If you want one - BE QUICK since we first reported this in January!!!

So our review helmet arrived this week and we have to say that this is a fine looking clone helmet. As mentioned previously this is exactly the same sculpt as e-fx's standard Clone helmet (see review here), but with a make-over including new paint scheme, light weathering, with chrome visor and trim. So I suppose make-over wise its kind of like turning Kate Bosworth into Angelina Jolie.

But that's not to undermine the helmet as its an extremely nice piece of work since the new paint job and weathering has given it a very cool look. Apart from the most obvious red highlighting, the first thing that hits you is the dull-and-grungy-battlefield matt white finish, a stark contrast with the shiny straight-off-the-production-line gloss white of the all-white e-fx Clone

There is some topical weathering, although its kept to a minimum and thus e-fx has thankfully avoided the over-weathered mottled look of MR's Commander Gree helmet (see MR Clone section).  As with the Standard Clonetrooper, the Captain also has the rear illuminating LED, powered by a couple of AAA cells mounted in the inside roof of the helmet.

Side on not much to see, although notice how the chrome strip runs all the way round the helmet

It comes with the same great package as e-fx's standard Clonetrooper - and to some extent the MR helmets that preceded them. So you get the helmet, stand, brushed metal plaque and small literature card with background info on the character. Although packaging is not the most interesting subject, its worth saying that e-fx's packaging is absolutely superb which I am sure results in them getting very low return rates. No matter how good your product is, its all wasted if it arrives broken or damaged. This helmet came 5,000 miles without a scratch and given how secure its packaged I'm sure it could have gone round the World ten times without a hitch. 

Close-up of the chromed visor, frown detailing and jaw. Its not the easiest thing to photograph since it just reflects everything straight back but you get the idea. So if it looks bumpy that's just reflections. Although the lens is chromed you can still see through it fine while wearing it and like all the e-fx (and MR) helmets it's very nicely padded. Size-wise you'd have to have a bid melon to fill this sucker!

Above and below a couple of comparisons against e-fx's standard Clone Trooper helmet. Not sure if it comes across in these photos but the Clone Captain on the left has a matt Battlefield finish against the never-seen-action-in-his-life gloss Clone Trooper.

So if you're into these kind of things (and clearly since you're looking at this page you probably are), then its hard to think of a reason NOT to get this helmet. The different finish, colouring and weathering sets it apart it from standard Clone, which almost looks dull by comparison - although that's not being fair to the Clone Trooper as its a very cool looking collectible. Just don't display them side by side as I know which one people will comment on. Since e-fx has only manufactured 400 of them they're never going to be viewed as commonplace, so should hold their value well.

So as far as establishing which one you prefer is a bit like choosing between Kate Bosworth or Angelina Jolie. Personally, I'd like both!

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