Jango Fett Helmets


Check out the Boba Fett section to understand the different base helmets which can be used to make a screen-accurate Jango Fett from Attack of the Clones.

Above, two shots from regular contributor Well Paid Killer. His Jango is based around a standard 1995 Don Post Boba Fett helmet (white interior), and then custom resprayed.

In fact this has now been completed and looks like this.....................

Below a recent acquisition of mine, a great new Jango Fett helmet and Costume which I got from Chris TK-617, a good mate in the UK Garrison. Here are some recent pics taken Sept 2005.

I've had my Jango for a few years but I recently "reconditioned" it by sanding and respraying all the Armour parts ( not the jetpack as that was always in good condition)

Its a really nice set. Jango Fett is an easier Costume than Boba but still requires something like 30 separate pieces!

The helmets cool - Made of Gel-Coated Fiberglass and sprayed with automotive paints.

Below some pics from a couple of years ago when I first got it.

The costume comes with the with Arena jetpack and so I decided to give it a test drive in the Garden recently. I'm chuffed to bits with it and it looks like Halloween is sorted!

Below, another couple of shots of it. The Helmet's a Fiberglass DP copy and the paint jobs excellent

Below, a nice looking Jango, I believe based on a Don Post '95 Boba Fett mould, struck in Fibreglass

Above, bit of a sad one this (not the helmet). This Jango was produced by Joe and based on a '97 DP Boba helmet (hence the flatter top). Joe spent two weeks sanding, painting, filling in the dent, hand making the visor using acetate and some window tint. Only for some scumbag to burgle his house and nick it! So if you see it come up on ebay then let Joe know on "thedarkside24@aol.com" so we can arrange for a gang of pipe-wielding Stormies to go round the culprits house and get medieval on his ass! 

am below courtesy of Lynn TXP 0369 a shot showing a size comparison of his ESB MSH (Movie Size Helmet or Natty) Boba and MH ()Mystery Helmet) Jango.

Below some new shots sent to me by Mardon of his MLC (1 and 2) Helmets and Jetpack:
First up is Mirax H's excellent Jango costume, based around MLC helmets and armor. She really has done an excellent job on this costume and dressed like this you wouldn't want to bump into her on a dark night!!!!

Thanks again to Kristin for these pics above and below. The shots above are a WIP on her helmet which is stuffed with electronics and the rocket-firing jetpack. BTW dont worry, Jango's not lost his/her had in the photo below!

Finally below some new shots from Obi Sean of his MLC Helmet which he's recently completed.

He's gone for a nice weathered look which I like the look of. It gives the impression he's seen some action as opposed to lazing around all day being "cloned".

And below a new shot from him - Nice job guys!

Here's a great Jango helmet scratch-built by Fettish Fiend from a fiberglass cast from a DP Boba Fett Deluxe. in order to adapt it for the "Jango" look he's made a number of modifications including building up mandibles and narrowing visor to give a more squinted appearance.  

In addition he's extended backside and in order to give a more rounded dome he's given it some serious belt sanding. The left ear piece has been extended and the side vertical "stripes" (behind ear pieces) have been shortened.

Paint-wise, several coats of automotive chrome/aluminum, then several coats of clear which were carefully applied to prevent greying of the metallic base coat. The two-tone blue colours were a custom mix. 

Finally the "chipping" effect was achieved by masking with liquid frisket and the overall weathered appearance was achieved using washes & airbrushing with black & brown acrylics.

I have to say that he's done a great job on this as it looks extremely accurate and this is mainly due to his subtle weathering technique, Nice job Art!

Here's some new shots (Nov '04) from Jonathan H's aka "shunned/BH-8899" of his recently completed Jango Costume - Looks superb!

And finally as we all draw our attention towards Revenge of the Sith, Vince has a couple of shots of what he believes to be the most accurate Jango Fett from Attack of the Clones.......

Known as the BKBT (Bigkidbiggertoys) helmet and is the proof from a limited run.  Many details overlooked on other Jango helmets have been addressed on this helmet. The RF top is different as well as the keyhole area.  The visor is narrowed and has a more "squinted look" like the movie helmet.  The cheeks also have a different and sharper radius than Boba and the back is longer.

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