Original Boba Fett and Jango Fett
 Helmets and Costumes

Above a great money shot of our favourite Mandalorian from ESB. It sounds like Boba Fett will be in one of the forthcoming Star Wars Character/spin-off movie - so its great that we're going to be seeing more of him.

Comparison photo between father (AOTC press shot) and son (ROTJ from Lucas Archives)

Above and below a couple of great photos from Jason at the Original Prop Blog from 1995's "Art of Star Wars" Exhibition.

Note Helmet flare extended on ESB (left) over ESB (publicity right).
 Big thanks to Braks Buddy for updating these photo's

Above, another publicity shot post ROTJ

Scene - Jabba's Sailbarge

Above, ROJ Boba Fett from the SF MOM Exhibition, thanks to CS Williams for these

and above, two from Paul A of the Boba Fett from the London Magic of Myth tour and a photo of the Boba Fett helmet (RotJ?) from the LFL Archive.

...Next up some great MOM photos from Franz Bolo...


Above and below, a couple of more shots from Franz Bolo from the Houston MOM exhibition.  


Jango Fett

Above here's a great show of the Kamino Battle Jango Fett costume from Attack of the Clones, and below the same costume seen at a recent Lucasfilm Exhibition.

Below some HD grabs from the movie that really show off this great costume...

Above on Kamino with his Rocket back-pack and below with the significantly less-impressive Arena backpack on. Bet he wished he'd remembered to pack that Rocket!

Below, nice shot showing of some of the soft parts like the belt and holster.


Above, two Jango publicity shot's - Firstly the Kamino battle (showing primary rocket) and to the right for the Arena Battle (with concussion missile). Note helmet dent in Arena photo. 

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