Restored Original Stormtrooper Helmet
from Return of the Jedi

Thanks to Joe for sending me pics of an original RotJ helmet he's recently taken ownership of.

This helmets had quite an interesting history and was in a pretty bad shape such that it was restored recently by The Propstore

As you can see its missing its right ear, but apart from that seems to be in good shape. All the mic tips, trim, decals and eye lenses are original. It was original renovated some years ago and all the cracks suffered in filming reinforced from the inside.

Although in these pics it looks very white, Joe says thats the effect of the flash, in reality like most of the other original RotJ helmets, they are now quite yellow with age.

The helmet is believed to have been used in scenes filmed in the UK at Elstree, such as those set on-board the Death Star

The original renovation process including the touching up of some of the paint areas - although thankfully the 2nd renovation process done more recently by the Prop Store has undone most of these alterations so its back to its former glory. This also included the removal of some silicone added previously between the side of the ear and the cheek!

As with any kind of renovation, whether it be an oil painting or a 30 year old plastic helmet, its vital that its done correctly. Glad to see that this is now the case here.

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Finally a shot of the helmet sent to me a few years back.