Stormtrooper Helmets, Armor and Costumes

SW Movies Character Appeared in - ANH  ESB  RotJ
Brief Prop and Costume History
First seen in Star Wars - A New Hope in 1977, The Stormtrooper Armour design was originally conceived by Ralph McQuarrie in 1975. All helmets and armor were made from vacuum formed plastic, either ABS or HDPE. Detailing and Armor assembly were by John Mollo's costuming department.

For The Empire Strikes Back the original sets from the previous film were re-used. For Return of the Jedi they created new Helmets and Armour by casting an armor and helmet set from the original Movie. 

Everyone wants to be a Stormtrooper - however up to very recently no "Lucasfim Official Licensed" company had made armour forcing fans and collectors to go underground. There are therefore a huge number of "fan-made" producers out there.

Though licensed companies Like Don Post, then Rubies made low-cost Stormtrooper helmets, over the years companies such as Master Replicas, EFX and Anovos joined the fray - often with very accurate looking helmets..

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