Licensed Replica Stormtrooper Helmets & Armor


Click on a helmet below to take you to the Stormtrooper helmets and Armor for that licensee.

Master Replicas ANH Hero
(the expensive one)
2007 - No longer Available

Master Replicas Collectors Edition
(the cheap one)
2007 - No longer Available


eFX ANH Hero
(Fiberglass cast)
2008 - No longer Available

eFX ESB CE "Stunt" Stormtrooper
(Lower cost vac-formed Plastic)
Available - from 2010
eFX Legend Hero Stormtrooper Helmet
(Fiberglass cast) - 2012

eFX Idealised Stormtrooper
(Fiberglass prototype - never produced)


Museum Replicas ANH Armor
Promised in 2009 - it never happened

Rubies Armor & Helmets
Stormtrooper Armor 2009 - Still Available


Don Post Stormtrooper Helmets
1977-2000 - No longer Available

Altmann's Stormtrooper Helmets
1998?-2004 - No longer Available

Expanded Universe Shadow / Black Hole Stormtroopers

Master Replicas Black Hole / Shadow Trooper Limited Edition Helmet
(Fiberglass cast)
2007 - No longer Available

E-FX Collectors Edition Shadow Trooper
/ Black Hole Stormtrooper
(Lower cost vac-formed plastic))
Available from 2010