Altmann's Stormtrooper Helmets

Altmann's helmets varied hugely in quality. On one extreme they produced some really excellent replicas with the Biker Scout, Imperial Guard and Boussh helmets. However their Stormtrooper and Darth Vader were really quite disappointing. Seems odd that their most important helmets (from a sales perspective) were the ones that they had most problems with.

I've finally got some nice big shots of some of the Altmann's helmets - including the Stormtrooper below. As you can see its a custom sculpt and features a look which is a cross between an ANH Hero and RotJ Stunt.

These three shots below feature the same helmet on the Store display for these helmets.

Above left the Stormtrooper and on the right the Biker/Scout Trooper which was Altmann's best helmet and actually very close to the original, again shown on the store display.

Altmann's Sandtrooper Helmet

Below, Stephen sent me this interesting one. Supposedly of an Altmann's Sandtrooper, one of only three made which were never produced or given for approval by Lucasfilm

Strange Idea, they've clearly used the standard helmet and provided a bit of weathering. However the Sandtrooper (as we all know) features different detailing from the standard Stormtroopers, such as the lack of trapezoid stripes.

In addition this has a black (ESB/RotJ) frown and bubble lenses so its a bit of a hybrid!