E-FX Collectibles ANH Hero
Stormtrooper Helmet (2015/2016)

Update Aug 2014 - Initially due for release in 2012/2013 there's been few updates from EFX on this suggesting a 2015/2016 release. Cast from an original Hero Stormtrooper helmet, its expected to set its stall out as the most accurate licensed "Hero" Stormtrooper helmet.

eFX kindly sent us a number of photos of the original Hero helmet in question and we have to say that we were amazed that the owner allowed them to physically cast it - such is its value. Nevertheless they did and will be producing a run of these helmets in due course.

Though it hasn't been confirmed yet, it appears eFX will be producing both Fiberglass and ABS versions - although its not clear whether the ABS version will only be available as part of the complete Stormtrooper armour package eFX also has planned. If so then its a shame as we think most serious collectors will want the screen-accurate ABS version as opposed to a more sanitised version manufactured in Fiberglass. 

So these photos of their initial prototype (itself made of ABS) will no doubt be updated in due course with some shots of the final fiberglass production version as well. So we'll certainly be keeping a close watch on this one.

For more information on the differences between the Hero and Stunt helmets (and in fact the differences between ANH, ESB and RotJ), then check out this page here....

Our guess is that these are expected to go up for pre-sale sometime 2015/2016