E-FX Collectibles Idealised  Stormtrooper Helmet

Note: Concept only - never manufactured

Yup, you read it right. These pics taken by Becky 2008's Comic Con show off E-FX's surprise new Stormtrooper Helmet. Following on from their "normal" (read wonderfully asymmetrical) ANH trooper, they've decided to release an Idealised version  - kind of like "what we were supposed to see in Star Wars - rather than what we actually saw".

Front-on you can see that the symmetrical nature of the helmet has given it quite an unusual look - but maybe that's just because we're used to the uneven/asymmetrical/wonky appearance the helmets really had. The sculpt is the same one used by Master Replica for its Fiberglass Shadow Trooper and EFX budget "Collectors Edition" Stormtrooper helmets.

Above E-FX's forthcoming "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars Limited Edition Stormtrooper Helmet", due for release 5th Quarter 2010. Oh wait, we may have made that up. Again thanks to Becky for the Photo's

March 2011 Update - Above and below - three more photos of the prototype of the Idealised Stormtrooper Helmet from E-FX taken in 2010. Thanks to Rebelscum.com for their use here.

Like any helmet from E-FX we think this would have sold fairly well, however it was never actually produced (although the moulds were used for the cheaper (plastic) EFX collectors helmets (Stormtrooper, Sandtrooper and Black Hole)

Still a nice looking helmet though. It does look slightly unusual to our eyes but then that's because we've grown use to the slanted, asymmetrical "wonky" look of the screen-used helmets - whereas as you can see from this photos this is almost completely symmetrical - much like the cheaper ABS Stormtrooper helmets E-FX has produced over the years.