E-FX Collectibles PCR/"Collectors Edition"
 ESB Stormtrooper Helmet

Back in 2007, Master Replicas produced a "Collectors Edition" (read "budget") Stormtrooper Helmet (see page here) to address the lower end of the costuming market. Made from vac-formed ABS it wasn't the most accurate helmet - having a symmetrical and somewhat idealised appearance - but selling at $120 (and even lower around the time) it was a welcome addition to the licensed market. Before Master Replicas left the Star Wars market a few months later they had sold a shed-load of them - with fans pleased to be able to buy a decent low-cost licensed trooping helmet.

Fast-forward to 2010 and e-FX Collectibles has decided to revisit this helmet and using the same moulds, processes (and probably factory in China), they've produced a very-slightly different ESB Version to coincide with the movie's 30th Anniversary. My God, 30 years! - has it really been that long?  Its actually called their PCR - Precision Cast Replica, however we're calling it the CE to bring it into line with the Master Replicas range since its effectively the same helmet. 

So the e-FX version, is almost exactly the same a the MR "CE" lid - bar a few minor differences (such as the obvious black ESB style frown) - although we understand they are looking to make a few changes to the ears as well. However due to the manufacture process (and the fact that as mentioned earlier the moulds will be effectively the same) the seam running across the frown on the MR version will be the same here with the e-FX.

Below a comparison shot against the old Master Replicas Collectors Edition version (full review here)......see it's the same!

In reality we all know what we're getting here, since it's effectively just another run of the very popular Master Replicas Collectors helmet - which will at the very least ensure we don't see such inflated prices on eBay. Again just to reiterate the point that you shouldn't confuse these "Collectors Edition" helmets with the more expensive Deluxe "Limited Edition" Stormtrooper Helmets made by both Master Replicas and e-FX - and both made of fiberglass with an higher build quality and accuracy.

Released July-Aug 2010 it retailed at around $160. At the same time e-FX will be producing an all black Shadow Trooper version of this helmet (again out of ABS) which will be sold exclusively by Cozmic Toyz and limited to 501 - after the SW costuming group. We've just added a page on that helmet here.....

Below, one final shot of this helmet. From the side you can see the line splitting the cap/back sections - as well as the line running down the jaw which splits the lower mouth section from the face. Splitting the helmet up into sections was done to ease production, and for a lower-cost helmet like this was probably a good way to help them deliver a really nice looking helmet at an affordable price.

E-FX Collectibles PCR/"Collectors Edition"
 ANH Sandtrooper Helmet

Just to prove there was plenty more life left in those moulds, in 2011 E-FX decided to do another low-cost Collectors Stormtrooper helmet - this time an ANH Sandtrooper version

Above, well the promo photo's made it look rather good - although the problem was that that was taken of the hand-painted prototype - whereas the production helmets that came out of the factory in China had a paint job more reminiscent of a proctologists safety mask.

Thanks to SW Collectorbase for the photo - you'd think they'd given it a wipe down before taking the the photo's though.

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