Don Post Life-size Statues

The stunningly fantastic C3PO statue from Don Post. Initially they were about $7,500 until DP realised just how much time and effort went into making them and so they drastically upped the price. These are just brilliant and even if you did fork out the sort of cash they were looking for, you'd still make a heap if you sold it now. I would think you'd be looking at over $10,000 now, plus a hefty freight bill.

I've just taken these pics (May 2003) of the 3PO at Disney - MGM's Star Wars Week-ends in Orlando. It looks like Disney bought both the C-3PO and R2-D2 from FAO Schwarz on International Drive. The detail on the face is amazing.

Below the original shots taken in 1998 at FAO.


And below the Don Post R2, this one now at Disney-MGM.

Artoo was a bit nice too, not quite as collectible though as there are a number of fan-made units around that are practically as good.

February 2008 update - There was an urban myth that said that the Don Post C-3PO statue was only 9/10th size, though this has recently been called into question. According to Don Bies, when they made the DP 3PO mould (off a screen-used suit) they removed the moulds too quick causing some shrinkage - however the exact amount is not known. Don continues....

The suit that Don Post made was originally created from molds that we made at ILM for a Planet Hollywood display. This is the mold that Chris speaks of that we need to have really fast and kicked (accelerated) the silicone to cure faster, thus introducing some accidental shrinkage. The GI 1000 silicone we used has a certain amount of shrinkage without an accelerator (not sure, but it could be up to 3%). We created our fiberglass castings from that, and then Don Post used those same molds to pull their master cast. Since they then had to mold it again, potentially more shrinkage was introduced, thus bringing up the total shrinkage amount to 6%, and maybe more due to accelerators and resin shrinkage. So claiming 10% might not be too far off, though you are correct in stating that the only way to know would be by measuring. And it certainly is possible that some parts are smaller then others, bring the whole suit average to another number. Comparing a photo of Anthony standing next to the suit is a bit unfair, as the acid test is whether or not it would fit him (I'm sure it would be tight and more uncomfortable then normal). Don Post knew his height in the suit, and since the separations between the chest and the trunks can vary, as well as the thighs to the trunks, the whole suit's height can change by a couple of inches.

Above and below another couple of shots from TrueFan of his excellent Life-size Collection which apart from The Don Post C-3PO and R2-D2 also includes a (Pizza Hut?) Jar-Jar.

...I'm Green with envy.................

This quartet of photo's above and below are of Todd's excellent Don Post Boba Fett statue, which I am sure must be the pride of his collection (and check out his room!). The attention to detail from the guys at Don Post is excellent and the prop includes the wookiee braids and patches etc.

Here's a couple of pics of Brent's Don Post Boba Fett statue. He's got quite a nice life-size collection going as has the Rubies Vader and Pepsi Darth Maul too (see the Rubies section).

The purists may question the accuracy of this life-size but it does make one hell of a display piece. Even Lucasfilm has one in their offices so it cant be too bad!

Rubies / Illusive Concepts Life-size's

Below is the ESB Yoda from Illusive Concept, nice little fella but................
It looks good until you compare it against the Rubie's AOTC Yoda (below), which looks rather good, and very reasonable priced (around $400-$500).

Rubie's Prototype from catalogue....

...and as delivered

And to the left, a great photo from Bothan Jedi of his Rubie's Yoda.