C-3PO and Other Droid Helmets and Costumes


SW Movies Character Appeared in - ANH, ESB, RotJ,  TPM, AotC, RotS  
Brief Prop and Costume History:

Based on Ralph McQuarrie's sketches and paintings, Liz Moore sculpted C-3PO and thus created one of the most endearing characters in movie history. Manufactured from a number of materials including Fiberglass, Vac-formed plastic and Aluminium, which was then vacuum metalised giving the wonderful chrome appearance. Anthony Daniel's said that wearing the 3PO costume was a nightmare at times - although along with R2-D2, the Robots are the only characters who appeared in the entire saga.

Collectors with deep pockets have been fortunate in that two companies have produced full-size replica C-3PO's  - with Don Post's ultra glossy version from the late 90's the most impressive in our view. However an honourable mention does go out to Fred Barton's 2009 life-size for Sideshow Collectibles too.  As yet no licensed company has produced a replica 3PO head (if we ignore the Don Post ask from the 70's), although our bet is on a Sideshow Bust to be announced some time in 2010.

A few fan-made producers have made 3PO heads including Zorg, with a couple also going for the full life-size. However these are mammoth projects since the vacuum-metalising required for the gold finish is an extremely complex process.


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