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Welcome to StarWarsHelmets.com - the helmet, armor and costume archive from the Star Wars Galaxy. This site is a showcase of the very best Star Wars props; Original screen-used, Licensed replica and Fan-made replica. Please note that we DON'T manufacture or sell anything, this is just an archive of the great and good (and not so good!). However if you have an original helmet (or maybe think you do) then please drop us an email at Jez (at) StarWarsHelmets.com and we'll give you the low-down. Confidentiality assured.
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Recent updates

8th Sept 2020 - We managed to get hold of an Anovos Mandalorian Helmet. HOWEVER, this was via a seller on EBay who had it in hand - and not a pre-order from Anovos themselves - which is REALLY not recommended (see "Buyer Beware" from last year)

Though it's a very nice helmet, its just a shame that Anovos themselves seem to be an absolute mess, given so many collectors have been left in the dark on constant and consistent delays, and unfulfilled orders....

14th Feb - Happy Valentines Day. Regular visitors may remember the excellent reviews we gave RS Prop Masters for their Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper and Snowtrooper helmets/armour.

This time we're looking at their new Biggs Darklighter X-Wing Helmet (a limited edition signed by Biggs actor Garrick Hagon) and have equally high expectations. Will we fall in love with this too? Read here for a full review.... 

We've also added some photos from regular contributor Rolf from the Danish 501st of his RS Prop Masters Sandtrooper armour - which have been added to the RS Stormtrooper page here..

6th Jan 2019 - There has recently been a huge number of complaints raised on the major prop forums over persistent delays at EFX and Anovos. Both companies seem to find it impossible to deliver promised products, most of which are 100% pre-paid upfront.
EFX has the ongoing Scout Trooper Helmet debacle (FOUR year wait for the "Limited", the "Legend" still AWOL - nearly 5 years late). Meanwhile Anovos has yet again pushed back a load of dates by another half-year, with delays on some costumes reaching 3 years (e.g. Kylo Ren). In some cases even "in stock" Anovos products aren't being shipped, with cancellations/refunds taking 3 months.

This situation looks worrying for collectors. Our advice is to be cautious before parting with your hard-earned cash!

2nd Nov 2018 - A while back we received a tip-off that a certain "Clothears Costumes" in the North-West of England were producing a rather nice looking Leia Boushh. 

So we decided to order one and fast-forward a few months and something extremely impressive was delivered to our door. Read on for our full review of the Clothears Princess Leia RotJ Boushh Helmet, including photos, comparisons etc..

Edit we've also added Boushh 'her' own Character section - and will extend the other sub-sections going forward.

25th Oct. In six weeks time on 11th December, the John Mollo Archive will be up for auction at Bonhams in London. Mr. Mollo sadly passed away a year ago today, and this auction will be a sale of the wonderful artwork, drawings and designs from this double Oscar winning British costume designer. Mollo's four-decade long work in the film industry encompassed landmark films such as Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Alien, Barry Lyndon, Gandhi - plus Kubrick's unmade Napoleon epic, etc. so it covers so many different film types. As part of this project, It was my pleasure to work with Bonham's and the Mollo family to help bring this fantastic collection to public auction. Update 1st Nov - a HUGE number of photos have now been released - see here...
30th May - Continuing with the Snowtrooper vein, we managed to get out hands on one of RS Prop Masters NEW Signature Edition Snowtrooper helmets - and so we've pulled together a detailed photo review...

The RS Prop Masters guys have produced a number of helmets in the past (such as the Stormtrooper and Scout helmets) which really pushed the boundaries of what we can expect from a "replica" prop. Read on to find out whether their Snowtrooper Helmet is as equally impressive.

30th May - New Snowtrooper Section. Following some great helmet from Chris Williams (TubaChris) we've completely rewritten/revamped the coverage we have of the ESB Imperial Snowtrooper. So it now has its very own section which details the history of the design from Lucas's vision, through Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston's designs, right though to the costumes John Mollo and his crew produced for filming.

So  if you're interested in the evolution of the design - and lots of photos of the original helmets and costumes then read on.

28th April - We've added a New page of comparisons of the EFX with the RS PropMasters and the Lone Wolf - so the three helmets vying for the crown of "Best Scout Trooper Helmet". 

6th April - After nearly FOUR years there's (sort of) been a "positive" update on the EFX Scout Trooper helmets debacle - although its left some customers feeling like April fools!

After what we understand was some pressure from Licensors Disney/Lucasfilm, the Limited Edition (fiberglass) Scout helmets have started to ship - and we have our hands-on review here. However there's still no news on the more expensive Legend Edition helmets.

Also while we're on Return of the Jedi - we have some great photos of Kroenen77's absolutely wonderful Darth Vader Reveal

Feb 2018 - Continuing with the Anovos helmet updates - next up a review of their "Special Forces" version of the First Order TIE Pilot Helmet seen from The Force Awakens. This is a really great helmet and one that was hugely impressive to us.

We'll be doing a review of the Anovos First Order Stormtrooper helmets (Standard and 501st/Premier Line) very soon.


Feb 2018 We're back and will be putting up more regular reviews going forward. We're starting off with some great new reviews - and first off for the RS Prop Masters Scout Trooper helmet. See lower down for our 2013 review of the RS Prop Masters Stormtrooper helmet and armor - well this one follows on brilliantly from that as its another hyper-accurate replica.

Coming four-years after EFX took a lot of peoples money, then failed to deliver their Scout Trooper helmet - its great to see other makers filling the gap. Here's a hands-on review of RS Prop Masters superb Scout Trooper helmet.

Feb 2018 Next up our review of Anovos' X-Wing Pilot helmet from The Force Awakens - as briefly worn by Rey in the early Jakuu scenes.

This is the first of what will probably be many X-Wing helmets from Anovos - with the General Merrick's X-Wing Pilot helmet from Rogue One due to arrive next month.


Feb 2018 Our Anovos reviews continue with a look at "Chrome-Dome" herself - Anovos' Premier Line Captain Phasma helmet from 2015's The Force Awakens.

Feb 2018 - More Anovos, this time our review of Anovos' excellent Imperial Death Trooper Helmet from 2016's Rogue One - A Star Wars Story.

Fingers crossed we may see some of these in the forthcoming Solo movie!

3rd  September 2016 - The Prop Store of London has an upcoming auction of various movie props and costumes, including something very cool. The auction is at the at London’s BFI IMAX London on Sept 27th with Film & TV memorabilia worth in excess of £1.5 million will be auctioned off including an original TIE Fighter Pilot helmet from ANH!!! Other lots include the Dark Knight Rises Batpod, one of the Batsuits from Batman Begins, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s original Terminator 2 Costume - and Steven Spielberg’s Clapperboard from Jaws.  Bidding has started and the full catalogue can be found here:

October 2014 - BOOK REVIEW - Yes we occasionally read books at StarWarsHelmets, in fact we recently read "50 Shades of Grey" as thought it was about the AT-AT Driver costume. Disappointed.  However, one thing we're absolutely NOT disappointed in is the NEW book "Star Wars Costumes - The Original Trilogy" written by Brandon Alinger - a long-time contributor to this site.  This 227 page LARGE format coffee-table book is absolutely STUFFED with awesome photos and the most ANAL of details on just about every single HELMET and costume used in the Original Trilogy. Its available from Amazon (and all good book retailers. etc.) from Oct 28th for $38. We'll have a full review UP as soon as are cleared, but in the meantime suggest you just pre-order it - and maybe get a box of TISSUES in at the same time. It's that good!
27th September 2013 - Soooo, you wait for a bus to come along and then two...Well not exactly, as next up we're taking a good look at Return of the Jedi Stormtroopers - and specifically the only replica RotJ Stormtrooper helmet producer out there - "CfO" - so named as their gear is cast from an Original RotJ helmet.

Check out the full review of the CfO here - and for more info on the original screen-used RotJ Stormtrooper then go here and here. Oh and if you don't know the difference between the ANH, ESB and RotJ Stormtrooper helmets then check out this page here....

3rd September 2013 - Every now and then something genuinely amazing happens in this hobby, sometimes its a new original helmet or costume that comes to light, other times its when a Licensed prop maker really goes the extra mile and produces an official collectible that sets a new standard (like EFX' s Legend Vader helmet).

Well it's happening again and this time its a fan-made outfit "RS Prop Masters" who have quite simply produced THE best ANH and ESB Stormtrooper helmets and armour. Ever.

Read the full review here..

July 2015 - We've updated our Scout Trooper sections - so make sure you check out..

bullet Review of the Original Screen-used helmet here,
bulletThe current best Licensed Scout helmet from Altmann's,
bulletPlus the excellent LoneWolf, Kropserkel, and MLC Scout helmets

As it stands we think the LoneWolf is currently the most accurate out there  - comparing both fan-made and licensed.

Sept 2014  - Regular visitors to SWH over the years will know be used to seeing some of the great masks and costumes produced by Tom Spina and his team.  Well since these guys have just about written everything there is to know about Cantina Aliens we thought it high time we gave them a page of their own....

10th August 2014 - Over the next few weeks and months we're going to be adding a lot of new content to Star Wars Helmets. We start off with a review of EFX's Wedge X-Wing Helmet and also a comparison of the Sideshows LE and SE C-3PO Busts. We've also added some ultra-cool 360 degree spins (using fantastic new ArqSpin software) of a number of helmets and busts including Sideshow's Altmanns Scout Helmet, SSC Gamorrean Bust, SSC 501st Clonetrooper BustEFX Luke ANH and ESB X-Wing Helmets, EFX Legend Darth Vader Helmet, MR Shadowtrooper, MR Boba Fett, MR AotC Clonetrooper, MR Stormtrooper, EFX Stormtrooper LE, Godzilla Tusken Raider mask, Don Post Deluxe TIE and Deluxe Stormtrooper and more to come!

1st July 2012 - Over the years, Sideshow Collectibles has produced some great looking life-size busts - although perhaps some fairly forgettable ones too?

So how does their new 501st "Vader's Fist" Clone Trooper fair? See full review here - and also a comparison against the old Master Replicas helmet.

And while we're at it we've also added a review of Sideshow Collectibles' Gamorrean Guard 1:1 Bust - check it out here.

Also an update on the "missing" RotJ-style ESB Mk2 Stormtrooper helmets that DID make it's way onto the "Empire" film set - see this section here...

16th June - After a considerable wait (some could say 35 years) eFX has produced what many will see as the ultimate licensed Darth Vader helmet - see our hands-on review of their Legend Edition here....


17th Aug 2014 - Check out some great preview shots from Shadow of EFX's McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper Helmet due sometime next year (2018 update -  four years on and it was still nowhere to be seen)

9th June 2012 - Five years on and we finally get an MR's Shadow Stormtrooper helmet's. Check here for the review of this uber cool black beast! 1st June - update including some recently released life-size 1:1 busts from Sideshow including C-3PO (weathered and chromed), Cantina Band member and 501st Clone Trooper. Also an update on an issue from a couple of years ago - we any NEW Stormtrooper helmets made for ESB - and the answer is YES - see here... So that's the eFX Collectibles and Sideshow sections up to date. While you're there you may want to check out the Don Post and Master Replicas sections - companies who used to have the SW Helmet license.

20th May - Wow - do you know that 32 years ago TODAY was the World Premiere of The Empire Strikes Back - in London. I was there! wow, now I feel old!

April 2012 New photos of eFX's forthcoming Legend Edition Darth Vader Helmet. Plus also more on CfO's Stormtrooper helmets and Armor . We've also added some photo's of some more of EFX's recent/forthcoming/proposed helmets including Luke Skywalkers X-Wing Pilot Helmet, and the Legend Edition Hero Stormtrooper Helmet. All of these EFX additions can be found on the main e-FX page. Also - In the fan-made section we've also added TK826 from the Midwest Garrison's great Tusken Raider busts. Also Craig McK from the Ca Garrison sent us some shots of his awesome full-body Gamorrean Guard Costume which is on the same sub-page in the Fan-made section. Finally an update to the Riddell/MR Mini Helmet page with a quick Clonetrooper mod from Paul K.7th July 2011 - Cast from Original (CfO) recently went into production with some really impressive RotJ style Stormtrooper Helmets and Armor - we've a good look at them on a new page here in the Fans/Stormtrooper section - CfO Stormtrooper Helmet & Armor.

10th November 2011 - Christies of London sold an original set of Stormtrooper Armour and asked us down to authenticate it - check out this section for more info and photos.....

October 17th 2010 - I've not updated the site for a few months for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there's not been a huge amount happening in the area over the summer (a couple of conventions with a few new licensed pieces announced that I'll be reviewing later), but also because I've been spending a lot of my time helping my daughter's aspiring singer/songwriter music career....see her original songs here....Izzy Marie Hill - Youtube Channel  - which are also available on iTunes and Amazon. Anyone out there with any recording/publishing contacts please let me know - it might help keep the Star Wars Helmets coffers going!

March 31st - We've actually got something new to show-off. Darth Stones has sent some photos of his excellent ANH and ESB style 20th Century Darth Vader helmet....see here.

May 12th 2010 - EFX has announced two new helmets up for pre-order, both due to ship Starting from July - both Stormtroopers based on the old Master Replicas "CE/Budget" moulds selling around the $160 price. The first a 30th Anniversary ESB Stormtrooper Helmet available from multiple sources, but the second a Limited Edition run of just 501 Black Hole / Shadow Troopers . We've also added some updated photos from Rolf of his completed "TrooperMaster" Sandtrooper kit.... Plus a further update to the Original Biker Section.

May 6th - Video and Photo Review of Original Biker/Scout Trooper Helmet from Return of the Jedi. This is awesome - believed to be the only Biker Helmet in existence outside the official Lucasfilm Archive. Plus more for Biker Scout Fans as we've also added some further shots of another original Scout helmet - with Rog making an interesting discovery here...

February 21st - Preview of the upcoming Sideshow Collectibles 1:1 Boba Fett Bust. Feb 6th. Full review of the new eFX Ralph McQuarrie Darth Vader Concept Helmet - due to go on sale THIS COMING MONDAY!!!! Updated section including the Riddell/Master Replicas Mini (Scaled) Helmets page with some great new bespoke Prequel Trilogy and Original Trilogy helmets including the Clone Trooper, TIE, AT-AT and IRG from Cyril and Wondergarage. Plus some great shots of original Biker, Y-wing, Imperial and Vader helmets from Patrick H.

December 27th - Update and new photos of the eFX Ralph McQuarrie Concept Darth Vader Helmet expected this coming quarter. With only 250 Signature helmets planned these are going to sell very quickly! Added a few previously unseen pics of a couple of original ANH Stormtrooper helmets.

Dec 16th - Today, the UK High Court ruled on the appeal made by Lucasfilm in their case again Andrew Ainsworth/Shepperton Design Studio's and his production of replica Star Wars Armor and Helmets. In essence it rejected Lucasfilm's appeal, which means that AA/SDS can continue to produce their replicas (so long as they don't export them to the United States).

The case has opened up a huge can of (prop) worms since the three appeal judges upheld the decision made by the original Judge that defines a movie prop as "industrial designs" as opposed to "art/works of artistic craftsmanship". The ramifications of this is that ANY prop made for ANY movie or TV show since before the mid 80's can potentially be freely reproduced and sold from here in the UK without recourse. Even movies since then only have props copyrighted for 25 years - hence articles from shows such as Star Wars, Star Trek, James Bond, Blade Runner, Alien, Dr Who etc. etc. are all effectively now in the public domain - although their trade marks are still covered (e.g. a replica "Cylon Centurion" from "Gallactica" could not be named as such and would have to be referred to as something like a "Chromed Space Robot").

Lucasfilm is likely to launch another appeal, this time to the UK Supreme Court and then potentially the European Courts. However other media companies are expected to start lobbying Parliament for a change in the law - in order that they're able to continue to secure the rights to their "assets" ad infinitum. I'm sure there are some very nervous film companies out there since even if successful, it's unlikely to be retrospective. The horse has bolted!

Dec 2009 - Apart from the new Characters Page, key updates over the last few days include: Major overhaul of Stormtrooper area (Original, Licensed and Fan-made sections), New Sideshow Collectibles Darth Vader Reveal Bust, Sideshow Admiral Ackbar Bust, Original Y-Wing Helmet, superb Boussh helmet, more shots of Original screen-used Helmets, plus AJCG's Replica (TE) RotJ Stormtrooper Helmet, Pablo's TM Stormtrooper Armor - Plus Firebladejedi's review of the new Laws Stormtrooper Helmet., Godzilla's excellent Tusken Raider mask kit. Also an update to the Don Post and Altmann's sections..and LOTS, LOTS more. So grab yourself a coffee and browse around for a while....

Oct 25th - Update on some original helmets and costumes with more photos of Fleet Troopers/DS Gunners, Boba and Jango Fett, plus more info on Original RotJ Stormtroopers, SDS's REPLICA Black Hole Stormtrooper, Sideshow's Replica Gamorrean Guard 1:1 Bust and a general update of several sections - have a look round why don't you!

October 3rd - Interesting update on an investigation we're working on as to whether RotJ-style Stormtroopers appeared in ESB. Click on this page to read.Preview of Sideshow's upcoming Gamorrean Guard life-size bust including lots of photos...

Sept 22nd - Update including the new Rubies "Supreme" Boba Fett Costume.
22nd August 2009 - BIG Update! We're on a new server and have also taken time out to reassess Star Wars Helmets and following suggestions from a number of our readers we've started the process of completely reorganizing the site such that it is now more CHARACTER Focused. Also updated a number of "Original" helmet pages including hi-def screen-grabs for AotC Clone Troopers, X and Y Wing Fighter Pilots etc. etc. Huge thanks for the help from Roger V in Germany who sent us everything we needed!

At the same time we're also adding more content but as a starting point we want to make your first point within the site to be the new CHARACTERS PAGE.

Basically its a case of choosing the Character you want, Vader, Stormtrooper etc. and then drill down into all the detailed info and photos we have on this, based on whether you're looking for info on the Original Helmets and Costumes, the Licensed Replicas or the Fan-Made replicas. There's going to be a lot going on over the next few weeks so keep checking back - but we've already made a lot of changes and additions....

14th Feb 2009 - Happy Valentines Day! e-fx is spreading the love with its new (Valentine Red) Clone Captain Helmet. See the full review here.

24th Jan 09 - Quick update to say that the e-fx Clone Captain helmet is now available from Star Wars Shop as a US/Can-Exclusive. However e-fx will also be making 50 available for anyone who lives outside the US, but you need to be quick - see here.....

14th Jan 2009 - WE'VE HAD ONE MILLION VISITORS!!!!!!!!!
I never thought that six or seven years ago when I launched the site that we'd reach such a milestone. A great big "Thank You" to everyone who has contributed to this site over the years, and of course a certain Mr. Lucas! 

10th Jan 2009 - Happy New Year! Update including some new shots of another original TIE (this time a Hero) see (Real/Imperial section), plus some more great TE2 helmet and armor shots from Rolf (see Fan-made/TE2), regular contributor SkyGunBros Ralph McQuarrie concept Boba Fett Helmet (Fans/Boba) . Also some nice pics from Paul of the Rubies Deluxe Clonetrooper helmet from AotC (see Rubies)

24th December 2008 - We've posted the latest Video Review of an Original Helmet, the AT-AT from The Empire Strikes Back and its available on Youtube here - its available in standard and high res. Also see the photo review here... Plus we've added all four reviews on a new DVD which is now available for free download via Bit Torrent - Merry Christmas! Click here to download the torrent - thanks Synaptyx

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