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Cantina Band Member Figrin D'an Life Size Bust

I have to say that when SSC announced their next life-size bust was going to be non other than Star Wars universe's "person most likely to look like they've had an ass stuck to their forehead" - Figrin D'an - I was a little surprised.

Not because of the sculpt itself (which is fantastic BTW Wampa - bravo) but just that I found the choice a bit, surprising - thats all!  Anyway, we all know him as one of the Cantina Band Dudes and mighty impressive he looks too. Maybe he's be the start of SSC attempting some of the other Cantina creatures - could you imagine them doing a Hammerhead - now THAT would be cool!

Below a close-up shot showing the eyes and skin detailing. I'm sorry I said he had a ass for a forehead. That was unforgivable. BTW - was his mouth modelled on a Cow's sphincter?

Cheap joke - sorry (again). Sideshow only produced 250 of these so if you're an SSC Bust completes  then you just know you're going to have to get one of these. Plus also given there wasn't a massive rush to buy these maybe that's exactly why they may end up being one of those extremely hard to find products (read expensive) in years to come - Just a thought.