Altmann's Biker/Scout Trooper Helmet

Though Altmann's range of helmets was on the whole, rather disappointing to accuracy-hungry fans -  their Biker helmet is recognised as a huge success. Whereas their less-accurate helmets like the  Stormtrooper, Vader and TIE have numerous clear inaccuracies, the Biker Scout appears to have derived from an original screen-used source.

Like the originals its made of lightweight ABS and (until the launch of EFX's Scout trooper helmet in 2014/15 2018/19) was THE most accurate Licensed Scout Trooper helmet produced. Below a shot with its faceplate up - pretty impressive!

Below some shots we took a few years ago, still a very fine looking helmet.

Not only is it the most accurate Licensed Helmet - it also puts many fan-made Biker Scout Helmets to shame - and that's no mean feat.  However with the new EFX Scout Trooper on the horizon (late 2014/early 2015) thats probably going to change.

There are some differences in the finishing, perhaps some over zealous painting of some of the detailing, but the overall physical dimensions appear to be very, very good.

Below a side by side comparison with the original screen-used helmet on the left and the Altmann's on the right.

The original has the black "ear" section cut out (with dark material placed behind it), the visor bolt's slightly different and a little too much black on the nose section - but these are things that can be easily changed if necessary. However overall as you can see its very close.

Below more shots of the Altmann's

It's Altmann's best product and a really nice collectors piece and worthy of a few more glamour shots.

Below, Andrea's great comparison shot of the ultra-rare fiberglass Don Post Deluxe Helmet on the left with the Altmann's on the right.

...and finally Altmann's promo photograph, and the in-store Chest, Back and Shoulder bust display iece used in Australian stores to market the product.

Above the Biker/Scout Trooper which was Altmann's best helmet and actually pretty close to the original, again with more shots on its the in-store display bust.