Biker Scout Helmets, Armor and Costumes


SW Movies Character Appeared in - RotJ  
Brief Prop and Costume History
Designed by Nilo Rodis-Jamero for Return of the Jedi in 1981/82, the Biker/Scout Trooper Armor and Helmets were made from ABS plastic which was vacuum-formed, assembled, filled and painted. For the production of the costumes, they were both designed, manufactured and assembled by ILM staff in California.
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There have been some excellent Licensed Biker Scout replicas made over the years, with the Altmanns ABS Helmet leading the field - although the more commonplace Don Post vinyl helmet still serves as a good start point for costumers. EFX is releasing two versions of these in late 2014, the weathered uber-accurate "Legend Edition" in ABS plastic as well as an an additional  "Limited Edition" version in Fiberglass

A number of fan-made vendors have also produced quality helmets in both ABS and Fiberglass -  with some offering full armour as well. We'll be adding more to this area in due course.


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