14th Feb 2019 - Over the last few years, RS Prop Masters have positioned themselves as probably the leading Star Wars replica helmet/armour provider. Key to this has not only been their ability to deliver significantly more accurate replicas than licensed providers like EFX and Anovos - but also to be able to do so with significantly better and more reliable delivery/service. Bottom line is they're delivering better products, quicker than the licensed companies.

Regular visitors may remember the excellent reviews we gave for their Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper and Snowtrooper helmets/armour - so expectations were extremely high when we pre-ordered their Biggs Darklighter X-Wing Helmet - a limited edition helmet signed by Garrick Hagon, who of course played Luke's doomed wing-man in ANH.

So its great to be able to report that this helmet surpasses our expectations - its absolutely fantastic and by just looking at these photos you don't need us to tell you that. RS PropMasters has yet again produced an absolutely stunning replica - with this particular helmet made all the more difficult to replicate due to its complex hand-painted/weathered finish. The bar was set high but yet again they've delivered.

The helmet itself, like the originals is made from vacuum formed ABS, pulled from a set of moulds which were themselves taken from "screen-lineage" parts (ie as opposed to directly from a screen-used helmet). The detailing is really nice and includes the amber tinted visor, chin strap and cup, with front microphone, and rear mic connector cable. The interior is fitted out with some pro-looking padded black fabric, with two 'leather' ear cups attached via velcro.

The paint finish itself looks to be a mixture of decals, stencils and good old fashioned hand painting -  and looks fantastic. Its really great to see that they've got the details right - like the asymmetrical, errr 'flower' looking decal in the centre of the above photo.

Rear quarter which shows off the construction of the helmet. Like the originals there's a L and R hemisphere, with a strip of ABS running from front to rear connecting the two sides (reinforced on the inside). Another plus point is how the centre strip replicates the originals construciton, with a noticeable bend/crease as its base - not a separate strip.

Above and below another couple of rear shots. Notice also the rear mic connector cable. It's a very cool looking helmet from any angle!

Both the overall look, as well as some of the more nuanced details backs up the "screen-lineage" claims made by RS Prop Masters. One thing we really like is the curve of the helmet - if you look at the photo below, notice how the curve of the profile has that near-straight section between the 9 and 10 o'clock positions. That's something that you see on the original screen-used helmets - but missing from almost all replicas (e.g. the EFX has a symmetrical curve which is actually inaccurate)

Above right profile, below right front quarter showing the helmet on the new acrylic stand. Its actually a nice looking, functioning stand which securely holds the helmet, along with its signature plaque which slips into a neat groove. A great example of smart design that's ergonomic, attractive and entirely fit for purpose. Licensed pop makers - please take notice!

Next up some quick comparisons with screengrabs of the origin Biggs helmet. As with all comparisons like this you need to take them with a pinch of salt - as angles, lenses, distances etc. etc. wont be the same - but we think it shows the RS Prop Masters helmet is an accurate replica of the screen-used prop.
...this time looking at the left side profile.
...and below a side by side with a photo we took of an Original screen-used X-Wing helmet we reviewed back in 2005 (gulp!). Though the angle is slightly different, the interesting thing is how the curve (when viewed in profile) on the RS Prop Masters is very similar to the screen-used X-Wing helmets. As mentioned above its that near-straight section between the 9 and 10 o'clock positions.
Most importantly, when looking at the measurements we've taken of original screen-used X-Wing helmets, it does appear that size wise the RS Prop Masters helmet is spot on. Going forward it would be good to get it alongside an original to finally phot-prove it - but from the figures we have it looks good. There's also recently been some discussions on the various forums about how the RS compares size-wise next to the licensed EFX . The answer is clear on this, the RS is the correct-size, whereas the EFX is somewhat oversized (though still a really fantastic collectible).

So as you can see the overall shape and detailing of the pull is extremely good. The small dent in the original (under the mohawk just to the left of the 12 o'clock position) is not really visible on the RS PropMasters. It is very subtle on the originals anyway, and could have been lost in the casting process. Its a very minor point but one we thought we should mention.

So this is another really excellent Prop Collectible "package" from RS Prop Masters, with the Biggs helmet coming with a display stand, plaque signed by Garrick Hagon, photo and certificate of authenticity (with security hologram). As collectors we're in a great position when non-licensed companies like RS Prop Masters are able to deliver quality products like this - while also meeting their pre-order timescales and promises.

As a case in point. we ordered our Biggs helmet three months ago and now have it in hand. Compare that with the Anovos General Merrick helmet which we ordered well over a year ago and its still nowhere to be seen, being constantly pushed back quarter by quarter. And don't get us started on EFX - five years so far for the damn Legend Edition Scout Helmet!

Rant over! Finally a couple of close up photos. Each helmet is finished/painted/weathered by hand so each will look slightly different but the quality appears to be pretty consistent from what we've seen from others who have also ordered this helmet.

As mentioned earlier, RS has fitted out the inside of the helmet with a nice mat-black padding - actually not dissimilar to the style used by MR, EFX and Anovos. Purists might be sniffy about this as the original screen-used helmets were pretty darn ugly inside, with nothing but a bit of polyurethane foam. However we think the RS Prop Masters approach strikes a nice balance between absolute accuracy - and having an attractive display/wearable collectible.  Plus you could remove it if you want.

So in summary - we love it. This is yet another superb helmet/collectible from RS Prop Masters - who really seem to be going from strength to strength. Its a tough helmet to get right as you need an accurate mould to start from, and then there's the complex paint job. So its pleasing to be able to report that they've delivered on both counts  - and have yet again (like the Stormtrooper, Snowtrooper and Scout Trooper before this) produced the most accurate replica out there.