Rebel Pilot and Trooper Helmets, Armor and Costumes


SW Movies Character Appeared in - ANH, ESB, RotJ  
Brief Prop and Costume History:
Based around the design of a real-life US Pilots helmet, the rebel X/Y-Wing fighter pilots used in ANH were fabricated by Shepperton Design Studios in London, then sent to Elstree for painting and detailing. The helmets were subsequently used for ESB and RotJ although its possible some new helmets were also produced. The Rebel Fleet Trooper helmets were derivatives of a couple of the Imperial Helmets (Gunner and Imp Fleet) using some of the same swoops and curves- again these were produced by Ainsworth at SDS.

For RotJ new Y, B and A-Wing designs were created by Nilo Rodis-Jamero - including the full-face Y-Wing helmet, which encompassed the entire head

Over the years a number of licensed vendors have produced replica Luke Skywalker X-Wing helmets including Don Post and Altmanns. Later this year we're expecting to see more of E-FX's version which could well be something special!

Several fan-made/non-licensed helmets have been produced including Shepperton Design Studios and Richies Armor. However the key issue with these helmets have been that they've been unpainted version (in SDS's case for legal reasons)


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