Fan-Made Scout Trooper Helmets


LoneWolf Scout Trooper Helmet

Our thanks to Sergiu from Romania for reaching out and sending us these great photos of his LoneWolf Scout Trooper helmet. Sergiu was blow away when this helmet arrived as believes it is THE most accurate Scout Trooper helmet out there - to the extent now that this is his only Scout helmet now!

...so the key thing is whether this will STILL be his only Scout Trooper helmet when EFX finally release their ABS plastic "Legend Edition" Scout Trooper helmets late 2014/early 2015. EFX will also be releasing a more sanitised "Limited Edition" version, made form the more robust but less accurate fiberglass. However in the meantime we have the LoneWolf helmet to enjoy....

Like the screen-used original Scout helmets (see them here), the LoneWolf is made from vac formed ABS. Like the originals it's also formed in two halves (L and R side) which have been glued, filled and sanded together - and then painted. Though a more complex way of assembling the helmets this was precisely the same way the originals were constructed back in 1979 - so its absolutely right that the best replicas are made this way.

The key reason the originals were made this way was it was the only way the you could manage the undercuts. The undercut is especially evident in the visor section where if it was vac-formed in a single piece it would require the shape to effectively undercut itself by over 180 degrees - not really possible in vac-forming back then (and probably almost as difficult now - hence the difficult decision EFX has to make on its upcoming Legend replica)..

Again, like the originals, the LoneWolf is finished off inside with a 3M Speedglas interior headband and grey external bolts, just like the screen used ones back in 1982 for ROTJ. The helmet looks really great but from the back we're not sure about the bulbous curvature of the dome - although it could be the photo's angle.

Below a close-up shot of the nose/snout area showing the decal detail and that Tamiya Yamaha recast engine part - superb!

We love the fact that the LoneWolf has gone all the way on this prop and included the proper screen-accurate helmet-liner. If you look at the shot beloew you can also see how the two halves have bee attached together. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT when producers of replica helmets make the effort to replica EVERYTHING as best they can - so respect to LoneWolf for doing that with this helmet.

EFX - the challenge is most certainly on!

Finally, we've mocked up this shot of the Original Scout helmet we reviewed a few years back (see full review here and YouTube video here) with the LoneWolf (on the right) placed alongside the original on the left so you can compare the two. Note that this is just done in Photoshop so scale etc. has been approximated (as has focal length, colour  etc. etc.) However as you can see its a pretty good comparison and one that certainly lays down the gauntlet to EFX with their forthcoming Limited Edition and Legend Edition helmets due late 2014/early 2015.

Kropserkel and LoneWolf Comparison

...and Sergiu also sent the following great side-by-side comparisons of the Kropserkel and LoneWolf ScoutTrooper helmets. For all of these shots the Kropserkel is on the left and the LoneWolf on the right.

Sergiu's views on this are that the LoneWolf is overall the more accurate helmet and specifically a more accurate snout section and an overall more sharper appearance.  However replacing the Kropserkel's snout makes it great for trooping, especially for guys with big heads due to its larger internal dimensions..

Sergiu reports that there were some problems with some deliveries of the Kropserkel - with some arriving with casting issues to fans - however his was fine.  Overall though he feels that the LoneWolf to be the superior helmet as is "significantly" more accurate.

The great thing about the LoneWolf is that its made from vac formed ABS - formed in two halves which are joined together  just like the originals. That really gives it the edge over the Kropserkel - which is still a great helmet in our opinions. 

MLC v3 Scout Trooper Helmet

AS the title suggests this is the third iteration of MLC's the Scout Trooper helmet. Its always a good sign when prop makers are prepared to go back to their old designs and work on the to further improve their accuracy.

These great shots of the MLC are by Scott (aka SpookyMuFu on Rebelscum) - and he's taken the "off the shelf" MLC v3 helmet and then tailored it to further improve its accuracy.

Unlike the original and most of the replicas out there, the MLCv3 is made of fiberglass. It's constructed from two pieces, the main helmet back and cap section  and the front faceplate/visor.  The MLC does come with a chin cup and a nose piece - although Scott decided to replace those including a more accurate "DVH" nose piece.

Furthering his quest for accuracy, Scott went for Trooperbay decals and finished the helmet off with authentic bolt covers from a screen-accurate 3M Speedglas headband.

The front of the helmet does raise up like the originals although Scott believes the visor is slightly too flat to be completely screen accurate  - and visually perhaps the only negative of the MLC.

MLC v1 Scout Trooper Helmet

These next two shots below from a few years back of MLC's version 1 of the Scout Trooper Helmets. If you compare it with v3 above you can see the subtle but important improvements he's made to the design over the years - like the snout detailing.

These two photos from contributor Jonathan, who explains, I had the helmet colour matched to my Armor and painted/Clear coated at an autobody shop. Hand painted ALL details on the bucket including the 'fishhook'. I then cut off the fiberglass moulded aerator and replaced it with a screen accurate metal aerator from my local hardware store. I cut a 3/4" hole into the chin of the helmet where the aerator sits to allow for a miniature speaker system and vent fan! Note the unique "chin lip" in MLC's design.


Biker-Scout - Scout Trooper (RotJ)
Helmets and Armor

Below, Justin's fan-made Biker Scout ABS helmet. Definite improvement over the DP as it doesn't have the squat appearance of the DP, and look more like the Altmann's.

Below these photo's are of GA's Scout trooper kit which again looks very nice.

The helmet too looks very nice and I'd like to see an independent review of the kit as it looks to be a great option for any Biker-influenced Troopers. If you've got one please let us know your views.





SeaTrooper (Expanded Universe)

Above and below, we don't normally do Expanded Universe - but this "Seatrooper" looks really good so thought we'd include it.