Attack of the Clones Clone Troopers

After the dull-fest of The Phantom Menace (from a helmet perspective!), Lucas returned to the old roots of the Stormtrooper design in Attack of the Clones, with the Clone Troopers 1940's retro styling attempting to fill in the gap of what would have existed previously. As mentioned elsewhere however these fabulous designs only existed on the hard drive of a computer, since no physical Clone Trooper helmets or armor were produced - just CG.

So above and below we have some nice hi-def grabs from the movie to show off this great design. The lack of actual "Originals" has not stopped some really excellent replicas being produced - both licensed companies as well as fan-made.

Taking its influence from the original Stormtrooper, with a bit of Boba Fett and probably Buck Rogers thrown in - the Clone Trooper design served its purpose as an evolutionary precursor to ANH's Stormtrooper.

Above and below, more screen-grabs - thanks to Roger V in Germany for kindly sending us everything we needed to do this. Thanks Roger!

Purists would say that they're probably a little too perfect and symmetrical - suggesting an almost retrograde step between AotC/RotS and ANH and the original trilogy. Of course the reality is that the Original Trilogy costumes were made with people sculpting clay, sucking sheets of plastic over the moulds - whereas in the new movies all the production work is done within the sterile confines of a microprocessor.

However it has to be said that they do look rather good, so its probably just us OT-purists (read old geezers) who think they're just a little bit too slick!

Below, some older photos from the pre-Hi-Def age.

Above and below are PR shots of a clone trooper suit (CG).

Below the Clone Trooper Captain, which was superbly reproduced by E-FX in their licensed replica last year (see this page). When researching the helmet they found that the standard white helmets had clack visors, whereas the Captain differed with a shiny chrome finish.

AotC Clone Pilot

Above a press photo of the Clone Pilot suit, and below as seen on-screen and in Hi-Def!

And below a CG image of same from Lucasfilm.

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