Anovos - First Order
Special Forces TIE Pilot Helmet

Following on from their official Licensed status and the subsequent release of The Force Awakens - Anovos announced they would release a number of helmets and costume replicas from the new movie, including the First Order TIE Pilot Helmet which shipped out around 10-12 months post release. Some months later they announced the "Special Forces" version - a move that no doubt frustrated a number of people who had pre-ordered the vanilla version.  Note to Anovos: It would be great if you could announce enhanced versions of releases  before you ship the base/standard versions so people can switch? Rant over!

Lets start off by saying Anovos has done a really REALLY great job with this helmet. The one we picked up (eBay) is absolutely excellent - the paintwork/finishing is superb (no annoying unfinished detailing), the greeblies etc are fantastic. A+

Like all the Anovos Premier Line helmets is made of Fiberglass and is HEAVY - which we like - and like the other Anovos Premier Line Helmets sits nicely alongside the Master Replicas and EFX ranges over the last decade. Again as a reminder it doesn't come with a stand or plaque so something you need to sort out yourselves - but its not a problem as there are lots of alternatives out there - and as I understand it is a factor of the the Lucasfilm licensing agreement.

As mentioned before there are two versions, the Standard and the Special Forces - with the difference to the latter only being the red detailing. Everything else is exactly the same so its just a question of preference over those stripes. We really like the metal greeblies on this helmet which lend the helmet a real air of authenticity. There are seven in total, the front hose atmosphere connectors (of which only one is used in the movies), the two brow sensors,  a couple of clips below and to the side of the eyes - and finally the right ear greeblie. All metal, all weathered  - again excellent.

Note that top "Targeting Sensor" section (based on the real-world US Air Force F35 helmet) like the screen-used props is fixed and does not move/slide down. However its an interesting feature which was added by the TFA costume designers.

At the time of writing these are again available for pre-ordering on the Anovos website and retail for $665 for the Special Forces version - and $650 for the Standard Version. So a fairly significant price - but one that's probably about the right one for a niche collectible of this quality.

Above and below a couple of shots of the rear left and right sections, not a lot of detailing here given the helmet design - but whatever there is has been faithfully reproduced by Anovos who used the LFL digital models as their source

below a close up of one of the front atmosphere connectors, which looks like a weathered brushed aluminium surrounding a black insert. Really great finishing touches on an excellent helmet from Anovos.

Below one final shot of this menacing looking helmet - a view up-the-nose similar to how its seen in The Force Awakens (who themselves tipped their hats to the camera work on A New Hope and the OT TIE Pilots). Like the other Premier Line Anovos helmets its fully lined and padded - with an additional bag of black velco pads to you can position around the inside yourself for a comfortable fit - a nice touch and very welcomed as its a solid, substantial helmet.

Yes - definitely A+ this one. If you're a fan of the First Order helmets then this is one you really should pick up.