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Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Helmets (ANH and ESB)

 ANH Limited Edition Helmet

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Released in 2011, the two Luke Skywalker X-Wing helmets from eFX are awesome looking collectibles. Both cast from a digitally scanned mould taken from an original screen-used helmet from the LFL archives, they are extremely accurate looking helmets and by far the most accurate licensed X-Wing helmets ever produced.

As with a number of projects from eFX, Luke's X-Wing helmet was available in two flavours - either the Death Star Trench version seen in A New Hope - or else the Empire Strikes Back Hoth Snowspeeder version (see lower down the page)

....and as these great photos taken by Richie on the Rebelscum forums show, it looks fantastic. Its not part of eFX's "Legend" line since they have consciously made the helmets from Fiberglass - as opposed to the original's ABS plastic construction, nevertheless it's still a really great looking helmet.

Its nie to see all the correct detailing, including the ear cups, mic and chin strap - all matched against the on-screen original. In addition the pain work is fantastic and features a lightly-weathered finish.

Below a couple of shots of the ANH X-Wing Pilot helmet we have. This one's a bit of a one-off since it was specifically hand painted by Steve the Swede, who is amongst the very best prop makers in the world and who was employed by EFX to produce their paint masters for the X-Wing helmets. You just don't get better than that!

So this particular helmet being hand painted (by THE man) so has a much higher and more accurate level of detailing than the standard mass-produced helmet. Although to be fair they were pretty darn good themselves!

This one-off truly is amazing, and fully shows off why Steve the Swede is so respected in the field - any why EFX asked him to do their paint masters. Incredible!


E-FX Collectibles Signature/Limited Edition
Luke Skywalker ESB X-Wing Pilot Helmet


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Its obviously the same base helmet as the ANH - and apart form the paint-job the only physical difference is the nose guard on the ESB. Presumably something Mark Hamill asked for while shooting. It's extremely impressive that eFX managed to get him to sign plaques when they were released.

These following great shots are from our friends at Rebelscum  - and our thanks to Chris and the guys there.

Again the core helmet is just the same as the ANH - the difference is "just" the weathering - which as you can see was a lot more heavy on the 2nd movie.

I know the heavier weathering may put off some people but don't let it - the helmet perfectly reflects the look of it in the movie. In fact they chose Steve the Swede to do the master paintings for both the ANH and ESB helmets for eFX - and as regular readers of StarWarsHelmets.com know - he's one of the most respected people in this business. Well done Steve!

As with all the premium helmets from EFX, it comes with the brushed metal and acrylic stand, plaque and documentation

Again, thanks to Richie and Rebelscum for these great studio-shots - showing off another superb pair of replica helmets from eFX.