Scout Trooper Helmet Comparisons

RS PropMasters Vs EFX Limited Edition

Following our review of the highly disappointing EFX Limited Edition Scout Trooper Helmet, We thought we'd take the opportunity for some side by side comparisons of the EFX LE against the helmet currently seen as THE most accurate Scout Trooper replica - from RS PropMasters (review here) - and further down the page another set of comparisons courtesy of Sergiu -  a three-way fight to the death of the EFX, RS Prop Masters and Lone Wolf.

So first off the RS PropMasters Vs the EFX. For all these shots the RS PropMasters is on the Left, with the EFX Limited Edition on the Right.

Front-on they're both very similar, with the difference in materials used seemingly not affecting their looks (the RS is vac-formed from Styrene like the originals, whereas the EFX is made from a heavier and more robust Fiberglass). Accuracy-wise, the EFX has slightly more defined nose/cheek detailing, but negatively suffers from noticeable flaring around the jaw line - and a more flattened visor

No difference size-wise, although in the hands they obviously feel (and weigh) very different given the materials used. Externally, the RS has much the same feel as the original screen-used helmets, whereas the EFX has the weighty feel of a high-end collectible. Looking inside of the RS is exactly the same as the on-screen originals, bare plastic with a hard-hat liner - whereas the EFX insides have a matt black lining. Note that unless you have a small head you'll struggle with the RS, and even with that the EFX is still un-wearable!

Above, the jaw-line flaring on the EFX (right) is quite pronounced and very inaccurate. It prompts whether this was done intentionally to try and help the faceplate close properly - which as you can see from the shot below it hasn't!.

As you can see from the photo above and below the faceplate on the EFX just doesn't properly close, revealing the black elastic of the chin strap underneath.  Note that this helmet only arrived today so its possible that over time (and if we keep the pressure on keeping it closed) we may be able to reduce that gap. However this really isn't great!...

Next up the view from above front, we've already talked about that huge gap on the EFX and those darn ugly pivot plugs! Also from this angle that lack of curve in the visor on the EFX really stands out - not sure why that happened given their access to the original moulds.

 Below, all good from the rear. The decals on both are very similar suggesting both makers had access to the original designs. The EFX has a slight creamy/yellow hue when compared to the RS, which is a more pure white. Thats just something we noticed, not a negative or positive thing as its unlikely anyone would cosplay in one of these helmets!

..and finally below an overhead shot. The main issue with the EFX is of course the visor gap. Had EFX really wanted to solve this, then the solution would've been to make the pivot smaller (to account for the move from styrene to fiberglass) - and then simply restrict the visor so it didn't rise as far up. The result would have been a lot more accurate helmet with minor compromises given the facemask is never seen raised in the movie anyway!

So how does the EFX LE compare with the RS PropMasters Scout Trooper Helmet?

The answer is it simply doesn't - from a "screen-accuracy" perspective the RS beats the EFX hands-down as is a far more accurate replica of the original props used in Return of the Jedi. The RS is made from the same materials, constructed in the same manner - and cast from moulds taken from a production made helmet. The EFX is cast off a mould taken from the original moulds - but too many compromises and short-cuts have been made in taking the design from styrene to fiberglass - and this has had a negative impact on its accuracy.

It'll be interesting to see how the "Legend Edition" compares with the RS, but given the manufacturing compromises made with the Limited, we're not holding out too much hope for it. As far as Scout Trooper helmets are concerned, it appears you simply cannot mass produce to the same standard as the hand-made RS PropMasters are able to achieve.

Ultimately, the RS PropMasters Scout Trooper feels like a real film prop, whereas the EFX merely feels like the high-end licensed collectible it is. However, they are perhaps pitched at slightly different markets.

EFX Limited Edition Vs Lone Wolf Vs RS PropMasters

Sergiu from Rebelscum (aka Jkno on the RPF) sent us these great photos and comparisons of the EFX Limited Edition against the Lone Wolf and RS PropMasters Scout helmets. Note there are also separate reviews of the helmets here...EFX Limited Edition, Lone Wolf, RS PropMasters.

For all these photos below, the EFX is on the left, the Lone Wolf is in the centre and the RS Prop Masters is on the right.

According to Sergiu, "The best helmet of the three remains the RS Prop Masters due to its high accuracy, being made like the screen used out of two ABS halves joined together, with reinforcement strips. It really is a great piece".

For the RS PropMasters (right), Sergiu decided to go for the "Dickey Beer Signature Edition" which is essentially the same as the standard version except has the addition of a weathered paint finish to match the Endor scenes in RotJ. He was especially complimentary of this and says its really superb - adding that additional level of accuracy to the helmet.

Sergiu adds... "The RS PropMasters is superb and is IMO the best of the three, it fits perfectly together and as we all know it is made from a production used helmet bought by RS guys from Prop Store auction." ... so has that direct lineage tying it to the original helmets used in the movie.

The LoneWolf helmet comes in second place  - as is second in line regarding accuracy. The Lone Wolf is great since like the RS Prop Masters it's also made like the screen used helmets from two separate ABS halves which are bonded together  - and then reinforced strips added.

Both the Lone Wolf and RS PropMasters helmets have the accurate headband interior, with the LoneWolf being more accurate than the RS PropMasters - as uses a more accurate version of the internal headband (hard hat liner) used by the RotJ prop guys. The EFX does not have this at all - but is instead fully padded inside. This is ok as a collectors piece -  but not accurate to the helmets used in the film"

More from him..."The problems with the EFX lay with the construction, because it lacks in accuracy compared with the other two due to the jaw flair issue, and the top gap (which probably looks a little worse in the photo below due to the camera angle). Some helmets don't close properly, mine seems to close better than others, but its top gap is asymmetrical instead, so you get something on one side, but lose something else on the other..."  something clearly evident in the photo below.

Turning to the EFX Limited Edition, Sergiu's says: "I wasn't expecting too much difference from what I've seen from collector's pics already. The helmet is quite heavy, shiny and looks solid, coming with a nice COA, but is not as accurate as it could have been. The jaw flair and the big visor gap are the most prominent issues with this replica. My visor closes quite ok looking from sides, but looking from top it the gap is wider on one side than the other."

With final parting comments... "The EFX's visor itself has some accuracy problems as well. The snout is not that sharp, but was expecting to be softer so it is ok. The stand looks cheap, but seems reasonably steady and solid, still is definitely inferior to other EFX stands. Price is quite high for what you get in the end, especially for international collectors who weren't bribed by EFX with a free Vader helmet.

The overall appearance of the EFX is ok, less accurate than RS Prop Masters and maybe even LoneWolf, and looks better than Altmanns, the other licensed high end Scout helmet. Its an ok replica, but inferior to previous EFX LE helmet replicas".

Thanks to Sergiu for the great review and comparison photos!