Anovos - Rogue One
Imperial Deathtrooper Helmet

One of the first leaked images from the set of Rogue One was a shot of the Deathtrooper helmet - and wow it looked cool! Following release of the film at the end of 2016 Anovos announced they'd be producing a replica of it- and the best part of a year later they started to drop. Was it worth the wait (spoiler - yes!)

The Death Trooper helmet is from Anovos' "Premier" Line, so a quality fiberglass replica likely destined to occupy the desks and glass cabinets of collectors rather than costumers - more down to the $615 price tag than anything else. However, unlike similar collectors helmets from other Licensed vendors - the Anovos range doesn't come with additional niceties like a plaque and stand. Bit of a shame, although these can fairly easily be picked up from 3rd parties/eBay etc.

It certainly is a quality piece and from our perspective we feel that Anovos' best efforts coming in the top-end Premium helmets based around the new Disney/LFL films. Over the years the market for OT (and even PT) props has become somewhat saturated with many, often better fan-made helmets and costumes - so its great when Anovos can concentrate of giving us collectors something we may not have had access to before.

So it's made of Fiberglass and therefore has a very solid, weighty feel about it. On top of the main fiberglass core helmet are additional plastic sections which have been glued on and painted, including the nose sections, bridge, jawline, tubes, front "pulse emitters" and that Scout Trooper like nose piece. So a fairly complex design to replicate - but one that Anovos has delivered well on.

A close up shot of the nose and jaw area reveals a really nice level of detailing. The side grills have an almost rusty look about them and the silver-painted centre nose bridge and nose section itself have that "used" look that's very pleasing on the eye.  Note that there will also be a second "Specialist Death Trooper" version of this, retailing for $700 - and available some time in 2018. This version is essentially the same although also includes the Macromotion Monitor to the side of the left eye and light-up pulse emitters.   

Above, a shot of the rear which from a design perspective fits in well with the other OT helmets like Stormtroopers and TIE's, its even got the side trapezoid's . Looking inside there's some fairly thin padding (its lined in a matt black material) - though in the case of the one we received there was no additional padding bag as is included with other helmets (like Captain Phasma and the First Order TIE's) - we can only presume someone forgot to include them for this particular helmet! 

A close-up of the nose bridge section. The eye lens is a single piece of green-tinted acrylic which curves behind the top of the protruding upper nose bridge. We're not sure how the green pulse emitters are fixed to the main body - but certainly something you'd want to protect from impact. However given the >$600 price tag we very much doubt there are many people using this for costuming. Note that on the standard version they don't light up (and in the movie they didn't either!)

So in summary - Anovos has produced an extremely nice replica of one of the best Imperial designs since the original trilogy.

Comparison - Anovos Death Trooper vs RS Stormtrooper

We thought it would be interesting to compare the size of the Death Trooper against its Imperial "brother", the standard Stormtrooper helmet. The one we've chosen is the RP Prop Masters - chosen but its undoubtedly the most accurate out there

What you notice straight away is how much smaller and sleeker the Death Trooper helmet is - but that design choice reflects the role these elite troops occupy in the Imperial arsenal. Created to defend the most important imperial operations and operatives - and specially in Rogue One as Krennic's vicious bodyguards.

So this size issue could be a problem for some of you who may have an oversize noggin - though of course that's not the fault of Anovos - you're going to have to blame the Rogue One design them for that. As you can see from the slightly fuzzy shot below (sorry) the opening is not huge and unlike a typical Stormtrooper helmet - there's no benefit from the the "twist and turn" approach of pulling on a standard trooper lid. So if you are looking at one for costuming - best try before you buy!