Tom Spina Designs - Masks and Costumes


If you've been in this hobby for as long as we have then I'm sure you'll already know Tom Spina (previously known as  "Wampa" on the RPF). For as long as we can remember he has been THE go-to expert on the various Cantina aliens from ANH (and a number of other things too!). Tom now has his own business "Tom Spina Designs" who have produced a number of replica Cantina characters for a number of LFL-approved projects, including the Volkswagen Star Wars Cantina advert from a couple of years ago...

So we thought it would be a good idea to put all of his teams fantastic creations under one roof.

Volkswagen Star Wars Cantina advert

Back in 2012, Tom Spina Designs were commissioned by VW to produce a number of Cantina creatures for an advert VW were going to show during the Superbowl (which we understand to you Americans is a pretty big thing!). So Tom and his team went off and produced close to a dozen different masks and costumes for the following characters. VW had obviously done their homework since Tom and his team were already pretty clued up in producing Cantina creatures - some say they could almost do them in their sleep....

Hands up who remembers the sheer excitement when Kenner/Palitoy released the second wave of Star Wars figures back in 1978 and we could finally get our hands on HAMMERHEAD (and most of the other Cantina aliens). Collecting back in those days was different from how it is now since the only way you heard of anything was through word of mouth. There was an internet, but it was made of wood.

Next up (above) its Ponda Baba, who Kenner also release back in 1978 except he was called "Walrus Man". If you check lower down the page you'll see Tom and his crew produced these a few years back - along with the Dr Evazan part-face mask pictured below

Snaggletooth below was sculpted to match the look of the character on the iconic action figure card photos

Below the bat-mouse-type-thing called Kabe. No detail was missed, not even the tongue. Hello ladies!

Below,  Djas Puhr which was a full face and head mask - again this is based on one of Tom's earlier sculpts and is featured lower down the page. Gotta love that with a 50's sci-fi vibe

Next up its, ahhhh, fluffy Muftak. This was another costume fabricated from foam. The fur is a near perfect match for the original film used costume. I have to say I've never heard the Muftak back-story. He's probably some homicidal maniac Ninja bounty-hunter. Scary eyes!

Nabrun Leids, aka "the Plutonian" - A vintage WWII UK gas mask was sourced for this character

Below, Nabrun Leids (you couldn't make these names up), aka "the Plutonian" - A vintage WWII UK gas mask was sourced for this character along with a second set of arms. Never play Twister with a Plutonian.

Gotal, a sculpted piece crafted to match the rough look of the original.  The hands complete his look

Gotal, a sculpted piece crafted to match the rough look of the original. The hands complete his look

Mosep - a funny looking fellow with whiskers hand-punched one at a time.

They look absolutely fantastic, if you've still not seen the VW advert then here's a link to it.

Dr Evazan and Ponda Baba / Walrusman

Continuing with the Cantina creatures theme, Tom Spina's done some awesome work producing two of the lesser known characters, namely Dr Evazann and his side-kick, Walrusman

Tom's done all the work, right down from the sculpt himself and as you can see, these are both just superb. Looking initially as Dr. Evazann he's closely replicated the original actor and appliance.

Below a couple of shots of the original face/appliance from the movie......

...and then Tom Spina's version.

And another couple of photo's from other angles

and now a couple of photos of Tom's Walrusman on his own


Djas Puhr

For years Tom's seems to be on a mission to replicate EVERY Cantina creature, as part of his quest to be the #1 information resource for this particular niche. Certainly I've never met anyone who knows as much about the costumes and props from that part of the movie. So next up is his Djas Puhr, a design not unlike a black version of one of the famous Star Trek characters (forget the name, sorry)

and below a screen grab of the original mask from the movie

Again this is great work from Wampa.

Below, Look into my eyes, Look into my eyes, NOT around the eyes, into the eyes, into the eyes 3....2....1...... Your under!


 There were a few of these made for the movie, here's Tom's version of the ginger one of them!